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What we do

Isavia handles the operation and development of all airports in Iceland and, furthermore, manages air traffic in the Icelandic control area that has a size of 5,4 million square kilometres which makes it one of the largest in the world. We play a major role in aviation services in Iceland. We operate airports that connect different regions of Iceland and Iceland to the rest of the world, connecting three continents: Europe, Asia and North America. Each year, we ensure that 30 million travellers reach their destination safely.


Whether your journey is for leisure or business, or you’re simply passing through, a warm welcome awaits you. Isavia is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of each and every visitor, and, when it comes to dealing with Iceland’s unpredictable and often demanding forces of nature, we are the experts.

Our vision is for Iceland to serve as the centre for aviation in the North Atlantic.

Our role is to operate airports and provide air navigational services, and to be the foundation for air travel in Iceland.

Our values are cooperation, safety and service.