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From its location in Iceland’s capital, the Reykjavik Area Control Centre (“Reykjavik ACC”) controls air traffic in the terminal manoeuvring area (TMA) for Reykjavik and Keflavik Airports, the domestic area and the surrounding oceanic area. These are jointly named the Reykjavik Control Area (“Reykjavik CTA”).

At approximately 5.4 million square kilometres of airspace, the Reykjavik CTA is one of the world’s largest control areas, extending from the Greenwich meridian in the east to a point west of Greenland, and from the North Pole to a point south of the Faroe Islands, almost reaching Scotland.

Reykjavik ACC’s main role is to provide all aircraft flying within the Reykjavik CTA with safe, efficient and cost-effective air-traffic and flight information services.

The average daily traffic in the Reykjavik CTA is around 400 aircraft.