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The air traffic control systems employed in the Reykjavik control centre are:

Flight Data Processing System (FDPS) providing:

  • General flight data processing.
  • Electronic flight progress strips.
  • Automatic internal and external coordination.
  • Conflict probing.
  • Flight progress calculation based on a weather model.
  • FANS1/A ADS-C and CPDLC.
  • ARINC 623 Oceanic clearance delivery.

Surveillance Data Distribution (SDDS-NG) and Processing Systems (ARTAS)

  • SDDS-NG converts radar data to ASTERIX standards and distributes to ARTAS
  • ARTAS processes data from 8 ADS-B ground stations and 7 radar antennas

Integrated Situation Display System and radar data processing system providing:

  • Multi Radar data processing.
  • Air situation picture showing both radar and CPL tracks.
  • Short Term Conflict Alerting (STCA).
  • Lateral- and vertical conformance monitoring against the cleared oceanic flight profile.
  • Functionality to graphically display flight profiles, estimates, crossing times etc.

Voice Communication System for both internal and external voice communication