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Welcome to stand 337 at the World ATM in Madrid

Visit us at the World ATM Congress in Madrid this March, meet our product experts and check out our new generation of ATM systems, Simulators and Data Warehouse.

We're excited to share with you our latest developments in Air Traffic Management and live product demonstrations at Stand 337.
Come and join our Fire & Ice Party on Tuesday 12th March for a chance to win a trip to Iceland.
Looking forward to seeing you at the World ATM Congress Madrid.



Polaris is the next generation Air Traffic Management suite from Tern Systems. Built on strong partnerships with Air Traffic Controllers and a deep understanding of the domain, we follow User-Centred Design principles to produce interface solutions of unmatched quality. See more.

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At WAC 2020 we will be introducing our flagship training suite Orion Simulator.

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Orion Pilot is a highly-accessible system which allows people with minimal training to act as pseudo pilots in live exercises. Its sister application is Orion Creator, which enables the creation of highly-realistic ATC exercises using historical flight data.


Airports are growing and becoming potentially more hazardous with aircraft, fuel, baggage, construction and passenger transport movements occurring simultaneously. Created in tandem with our Tower simulator, Orion Driver allows workers to train navigating airport aprons in a safe and realistic 3D environment. Orion Driver features accurately modelled vehicles, buildings and terrain. Come and try it for yourself at the Tern Systems booth at WAC 2020.


Aries Weather is the first component in our growing suite of Tower solutions, built for the demanding weather conditions found around Iceland. Aries Weather is our newest system and now includes remote lighting control. See more.

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Isavia's recent expansion of increased FANS-1A capability to its Air Traffic Toolbox is being put to good use within ICAO's North Atlantic Technology and Interoperability Group (NAT-TIG). With the toolbox Isavia can automatically categorize known operational issues in the FANS-1A system, enabling NAT-TIG to prioritize which operational issues to focus on.

Another use of the toolbox is calculating VHF coverage-based ADS-C messages that helps aircraft manufacturers tune the media transition areas. The Air Traffic Toolbox is based on Isavia’ s Flight Data Warehouse, which connects flight plan, surveillance, and datalink data.

In addition to datalink research capability, the Toolbox has an in-house Flight Explorer, a tracking performance analysis application, visualization for runway occupancy time, and a sector capacity analysis tool.
For further information contact Hjalti Pálsson (, manager of Research.

Isavia and Tern