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You can fly to four destinations in Iceland from Akureyri Airport, one in Greenland one in the United Kingdom.

Destinations in Iceland


Air Iceland Connect operates several flights per day between Akureyri and Reykjavík. Norlandair provides 3-7 weekly flights to the island of Grímsey and five weekly flights (on all weekdays) to Vopnafjörður and Þórshöfn. Through a partnership between Air Iceland Connect and Norlandair, you can book one ticket from Reykjavík to Grímsey, Vopnafjörður or Þórshöfn with a layover in Akureyri. Norlandair also offers year-round flights to Greenland. The tour operator Super Break offers flights to and from a number of UK airports in the winter season.

International flights

Connecting through Keflavik Airport

Air Iceland Connect
Five to six times a week

Nerlerit Inaat, Greenland

Various no. of flights per week


Akureyri Airport is a well-equipped international airport. Isavia and Visit North Iceland have been working to increase the airport’s international connectivity. International charter flights are up in recent years, but the aim remains to attract more direct scheduled international flights.

Norlandair operates year-round scheduled flights from Akureyri to the East coast of Greenland (Nerlerit Inaat/Constable Point) and the tour operator Super Break recently launched direct flights from a host of UK airports to Akureyri in the winter season. Air Iceland Connect has been operating scheduled flights between Akureyri and Keflavik Airport in connection with international flights from Keflavík Airport, but will discontinue this service as of 15 May 2018.