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Scheme of charges for Akureyri Airport

Here you can find information about the scheme of charges that applies for all domestic airports in Iceland.


Valid from May 1st 2018.

Air Navigation Charges

Domestic En-route Charge

Landing Charges 

Reykjavik Airport - Per 1000 KG or part thereof. Valid for all aircraft with MTOW of 2000 kg or more1,075 ISK
Other Domestic Airports  - For the landing of flight with the maximum certified take-off weight of 2000 kg or more the charge is 520 ISK for each 1000 kg or part thereof for each landing.520 ISK

Security Charges for Reykjavik, Akureyri and Egilsstadir Airports


Departure passengers who undergo security screening:

12 years old and older1,550 ISK
Children 2-11 years old800 ISK
Screened Cargo, each kg, excluding Keflavik Airport23 ISK

Passenger charges


Passenger charge is collected for each departing passengers with a scheduled or chartered flight. Excluded are children under 2 years old and registered crews for aircrafts. 

Reykjavik Airport:

Departure passenger, 12 years old and older1,290 ISK
Departure passenger, 2-11 years old725 ISK
Under 2 years old0 ISK
Other domestic airports:
Departure passenger, 12 years old and older595 ISK
Departure passenger, 2-11 years old295 ISK
Under 2 years old0 ISK 

Parking Charge


Valid for other airports than Keflavik Airport on a ramp designated for international flights:

(There is no parking charge for parking aircraft 6 hours or less. For parking aircraft for more than 6 hours, a parking charge shall be paid for the whole period of parking, from landing to takeoff.)

0 to 48 hours for each 1000 kg MTOW per 24 hours or fraction thereof1,245 ISK
48 hours and longer for each 1000 kg MTOW per 24 hours or fraction thereof765 ISK

Charge for service outside of operating hours


Reykjavik and Akureyri Airports, when ATC service is provided:

For the period 16 April - 14 October, inclusive66,595 ISK
For the period 15 October - 15 April, inclusive95,945 ISK
When ATC service is requested at Akureyri Airport between 17:00 and 23:00 hours.42,895 ISK

Other airports, including Akureyri Airport when AFIS is provided:

16 April - 14 October, inclusive37,250 ISK
15 October - 15 April, inclusive51,925 ISK

*Disclaimer: Users should notice the fact that Isavia’s charging scheme only reflects charging for services directly provided by the Company and doesn’t  indicate charging by other private or public entities providing services at the Airport. 

Charges for services provided by Isavia that are not listed above, are based on actual costs. 

Airport users should notice that the Directorate of Customs collects a fee on aircraft arrivals if outside the normal business hours of the Directorate.

For details see following link to the Directorates charging scheme: