Airport charges and terms of service

Here you will find a list of all airport charges at Keflavik Airport


The operation of Keflavik International Airport is divided into different units, and each unit is supposed to be financially sustainable. Behind these units is a list of charges, which are landing charges, aircraft parking charges, departure charges, airport security charges, terminal charges and PRM charges (persons with reduced mobility). Click the link below for further information on airport charges.

Detailed Airport Charges


The operating cost of Keflavik International Airport is fundamentally covered by its users. By clicking the link below you will find proposed charges that is based on predicted air traffic, cost of air navigation approach operation and levied according to the common charging scheme for air navigation services in the European Union (Regulation EU No 391/2013).

Detailed Air Navigation Charges


Here you will find information about the terms of sevices that apply to Keflavik Airport.

Detailed terms of services