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Organic waste

Isavia has started to sort organic waste

  • We will start by sort organic waste from resturants and shops here in Keflavik Airport.
  • If we do not sort the organic waste correctly, that is, throw something in the barrels that should not go there, the sorting is damaged.
  • Please take a good look at these instruction

The bins for organic waste look like this:

It is OK to throw the organic waste directly into the bins or in corn starch bags, these green bags as seen here below:

DO NOT put plastic bags or any plastic in these bins!

Please, do not put coffeecups, plastic or plastic coated tableware in the bins.

 Do not put papertowels with soap or disinfect in the bins.

    What can go into these organic waste bins:

    fruits, vegetables, salads, frozen foods, egg and eggshells, diary products , bread and bakery waste, meat and fish, pasta, beans, rice, sugar, cereal, tealeaves and teabags. Wet and used papertowels can go in.  

    • These bins are kept in the trash storage and full organic waste bins switched with an empty one.
    • When you take a full bin to the trash storage, you take a empty one back to your workplace.
    • If you need more empty bins, pleace inform your supervisor wich will inform a contact at Isavia.