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Keflavik airport security charges

The following charges apply for airport security services at Keflavik airport that do not fall under general regulations regarding fees at airports or statutory and operational tasks at Keflavik airport.

Item chargedUnit fee or hourly rate without VATValidity period
ID card for individuals – New and renewed6.900 isk /per pc.Up to 5 years
ID card for vehicles – New and renewed6.900 isk /per pc.Up to 2 years
Police background check10.000 isk per applicationUp to 5 years
Security escort and/or assistance (hourly rate)6.000 isk /per hourn/a
Call-out for security escort and/or assistance24.000 isk first 4 hours -hourly rate after thatn/a
Airport Security vehicle

3.600 isk /per hour

X-ray vehicle3.800 isk /per hourn/a

Definition of item charged

Item chargedDetailed explanation
ID card - individualID card issued by ID-Office authorizing person access to restricted and other accesscontrolled areas specified on the ID card. The ID card states name of card holder, validity
period, access type and company name.
ID card - vehicleID card issued by ID-Office authorizing vehicle access to restricted and other accesscontrolled areas. The ID card states vehicle´s license number and validity period.
Police background check
Detailed police check of applicant for ID card. Positive review from background check is a prerequisite for issuing ID card that grants  access to restricted areas of Keflavik airport.
Security escort, surveillance
and/or assistance
Airport Security at Keflavik Airport offers service such as surveillance, escorting visitors and/or goods, screening and/or other tasks that require special training or knowledge. Hourly fee is always applicable unless otherwise agreed.
Airport Security vehicleVehicle operated by Airport Security and used for surveillance or assistance in restricted areas of airport.
x-ray vehicleSpecially equipped vehicle with X-ray machine for screening of dangerous and/or prohibited items.

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Invoices for security charges are issued by Isavia ohf. For further information regarding invoices, please