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Aeronautical chart


The PDF version of the Iceland Aeronautical Chart - ICAO is published by Isavia ltd., to provide information for visual air navigation. The chart is updated when needed. Each version will have a version number and it is the responsibility of the user to check for new versions. Usage of the chart is the responsibility of the user. The chart is based on information available to Isavia ltd. Isavia ltd. does not warrant the information against errors, omissions or deficiencies of any kind and assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or injuries incurred as a result of the usage of the chart.

The chart is only intended for non-commercial use. The chart may not be distributed, reproduced or transmitted in any commercial way.

Consult appropriate NOTAMs and AIP ICELAND for supplemental data and current information.

Other information

A PDF version of the Iceland Aeronautical chart is published to meet the needs and demands of users who wish to use the chart in computers, smartphones or tablets. The PDF version of the aeronautical chart is georeferenced which enables the user to see and look for coordinates e.g. in Adobe Reader.

For smartphones and tablets PDF Maps is an example of apps that can be used. It enables users of devices with built-in GPS to view location on the map, look for positions, track real-time movement and much more. The app is available for Android and iOS. Further information about the app can be found at: