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Flight plans

In accordance with AIP Iceland, pilots need to create flight plans in standard ICAO format and submit them to air traffic control before their flight.

Flight plans can be submitted electronically through the Cronos web portal, which can be found here:

Open cronos web portal

To be able to submit flight plans in Cronos web portal you need to apply for a user.

APPLY for a user

Further instructions on how to use the Cronos web portal. Read more.

Open ICAO flight plan

 We recommend using Cronos web portal to submit your flight plan. If you use the form for standard ICAO plan you can download the form and fill it in when filing a FPL with Isavia. When a flight plan is submitted by e-mail, the sender shall confirm reception of the flight plan by telephone or by confirmation email.
Flight plans shall be filed to e-mail: 
Detailed information on flight plans can be found in section ENR 1.10 of the AIP Iceland.