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Cronos Web Portal Instructions

On this page you can find various instructions for the Cronos web portal. If you do not find what you are look, please send us an e-mail to

See instructions for pilots.


Changes have been made to the first-time login: Instead of selecting „Password“ you should choose „Enrollment“ which is located below the orange buttons. The video will be updated as soon as possible.

How to create a flight plan in Cronos


There is a registration form on our web page that you need to fill in. Then we will send you the user information. The registration form can be found here:

Note that requests are processed weekdays during office hours.

No, we do not charge you for creating a user and neither for using the web portal to file your flight plans.

Yes, everyone needs to request a user, even though you are a part of a flight academy or flying club.

Flight plans are expected to be submitted electronically. You can submit a flight plan with AFTN, through the Cronos web portal or through various apps and programs designed for this purpose.

All apps and programs that have the ability to send flight plans can easily be used to submit an electronic flight plan.

If you are unable to submit a flight plan electronically you can submit it by phone +354 424 4242.

The first login requires an installation of a smart application (App) to use two-factor authentication. You can watch a video about the first login here (for now it is only available in Icelandic): Watch video.

When you have finished the first-time login next times are easier. Then you login by going to choose „Mobile Authenticator “, enter your username and password. Then you need to insert one time password which is a 6 number code from the authentication app.

During office hours, it is best to send an e-mail to [email protected]. If the matter can't wait, please contact the nr. +354 424 4242.

Yes. But please note that flight plans can be submitted up to 5 days in advance.

Please note that alerting service is only guaranteed (based on the information entered in the flight plan available in Cronos) after you have received confirmation of approval by e-mail.

You can also see the confirmation in the Cronos web portal, where the flight plan will be marked as Approved.

No, it should not matter. However, it can be good to change between browsers if you experience problems with login.

For now, it is only permitted to file VFR (V) and mixed (Y/Z) FPL in Cronos web portal.

Yes. You must use double authentication to be able to access Cronos web portal. The login should however be active for up to 12 hours if you do not close the browser.

You can download the app on AppStore and PlayStore.

You login to Cronos and select FPL Office -> FPL Proposal -> Create in the menu on the left.

You can see demonstration in a video found here (only available in Icelandic for now, but easily understood by watching): Video

If you have problems logging in, we recommend that you start by changing your browser (e.g. browser: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge). It can also be good to clear cookies in the browser (example: go to Settings -> Clear browsing data -> check Cookies and other site data and press Clear).

If none of the above works, send an email to [email protected] or submit a flight plan via phone +354 424 4242

Make sure to have fixed all your errors in your flight plan before submitting. To be sure, always use validate button before pressing submit.

Cronos does not allow an FPL to be submitted until all errors have been fixed. Error messages are shown in a red box appearing at the top of the screen and all fields that have errors in them are also underlined with red line and red text appears below, make sure to check all four tabs.

It is also necessary to make sure your internet is working as it is not possible to submit unless you are connected to the internet.

If none of the above works, send an e-mail to [email protected] or submit a flight plan via phone +354 424 4242.

For information see AIP Iceland, ENR 1.10. AIP is available at

Phone numbers should be added in RMK/ in Item 18 of the FPL. Item 18 is available under the Equipment and capabilities tab. You should write RMK/xxxxxxx (phone number) straight on the line under Item 18 or by selecting the “magic wand icon”, press RMK/ button and fill out your phone number.

When your flight plan has been approved you will get an e-mail* that says: “FPL Proposal “xxxxx” has been approved”. You can also see the approval in Cronos web portal as the FPL becomes marked with Approved.

Attention is drawn to the fact that alerting service is based on the information provided in the FPL that is in Cronos. If there are changes in e.g. flight time,  the appropriate change message must be sent (CHG, DLA, CNL).

If the flight plan is rejected, you will receive an e-mail* that says: “FPL Proposal “xxxxx” has been rejected”. In the e-mail you will also see the rejection reason. The rejection can also be seen in Cronos as the FPL becomes marked as Rejected.  When FPL is rejected, alerting services are not activated.

Cronos provides information to users in message boxes that appear at the top of the screen. Red are errors, yellow are warnings and green mean that everything is correct.

Cronos stops users from being able to submit incomplete flight plans (according to the ICAO format) and displays error messages stating what needs to be corrected. Those messages are not closed automatically when you press Validate. The most recent message is always at the top. It is good practice to close those windows when you have read the message, so they don’t cause confusion.

Yes. You can look up all your FPLs in Cronos, by selecting FPL Office -> FPL Proposal -> Query and remove Active from the Status field before you select SEARCH. Then you should see a list below with all FPL that you have created in Cronos.