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Hot water shortage at KEF Airport

Hot water shortage at KEF Airport

A volcano eruption started this morning on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Due to the eruption, lava has flowed over the hot water pipeline which provides the southern region with hot water. Due to this, there is limited hot water at the airport.

So far, the hot water shortage, has had a limited effect on the airport’s operations, but developments are closely monitored. The staff at KEF Airport are well prepared if necessary measures need to be taken, e.g. to respond to a possible lowering of temperature in the terminal.

Airlines and air service companies at the airport are well informed about the situation, and will take action in their services and operational areas if necessary.

The safety of our guests is our number one priority. We advise passengers to monitor their flight information, and information regarding the eruption on the website of the Civil Protection Department and the website of the Icelandic Meteorological Office. We thank you for the understanding and patience while we are working on restoring our services.