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Information related to COVID-19 measures at Keflavik Airport

Keflavík Airport works closely with the Directorate of Health in Iceland, the Civil Protection Department and the Chief Epidemiologist in precautions at the airport due to Covid 19

We encourage all passengers to study the rules and regulations which apply in the country they are travelling to.

before and on arrival in iceland passengers need to:

  • Check who can travel to Iceland at any given time due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Special notice to be taken of ban on unnecessary travel from high-risk countries.
  • Pre-register electronically before departure. Pre-registration does not constitute a travel authorization. Pre-registration check is located at the baggage claim area at Keflavík Airport.
  • Submit a certificate of a negative PCR-test for Covid-19 upon arrival. Certificate check takes place in the arrival hall at Keflavík Airport.
  • Residents of Iceland and those with social ties in the country are required to get tested as soon as possible after arriving in Iceland, even though they show no signs of COVID-19, beginning on the 27th of July. Passengers are also required to show a negative PCR or antigen test no older than 72 hours. Further information at
  • Information for transit passengers is available at


  • Testing area is located outside the terminal.

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Further information on current quarantine rules and rules on not picking up passengers set by the Icelandic authorities can be found at

PCR-tests for Covid-19 are not performed on departure at Keflavik Airport. PCR-tests when departing need to be obtained in advance at healthcare centers. For more information on traveling from Iceland see

Here you can find more information on Covid-19 rapid antigen tests performed by a private company close to Keflavík Airport

Icelandair has opened a new webpage containing the latest travel and health requirements for destinations around the world to help passengers prepare for their journey.

Thank you for wearing a face mask

Thank you for wearing a face mask
See shops that sell masks

We thank you for maintaining a safe distance

We thank you for maintaining a safe distance

Please wash your hands and use our hand sanitizers

Please wash your hands and use our hand sanitizers