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Frequently asked questions

All information regarding measures in Iceland regarding Covid-19, border restrictions and the Covid-19 testing process at Keflavik Airport can be found at the official information portal

See list of measures Keflavik airport has taken on limiting risk of infection.

All passengers arriving to Iceland are required to wear a mask until they are outside the terminal building. Departing passengers are asked to wear masks inside the terminal building. We also encourage everyone to employ common hygiene practices, i.e. wash hands with soap and to use the sanitizers that have been installed in the terminal.

Yes. Landside (before security) you can buy masks in the KEF Parking office. Airside (after security) masks can be purchased in the pharmacy in the departure Duty Free store. See map of the terminal.

Our staff wears the protective clothing that is required for each job, and in accordance with the requirements of Icelandic Health Care Authorities. 

If a connecting passenger is in the country for more than 24 hours, he or she must undergo screening. If a passenger has to go through customs and check-in again and does so within 24 hours of arrival, the passenger is exempt from screening. On the other hand, a passenger must always register when arriving at On the site the passenger identifies himself as a transit / transfer passenger. If a passenger leaves the airport within 24 hours, he must follow all aseptic recommendations

See more information on

The official website of the European Union provides useful information on travel restrictions in all EU countries.

Opening hours in shops and restaurants at Keflavik Airport may vary due to COVID-19 and decrease in flight traffic.

Vending machines are available at the airport where you can get drinks, sandwiches, snacks and sweets.
You can contact individual shop and restaurant for more information on opening hours:

Yes the bank is open. ATM is also open 24/7. Tax refund is open for departure flights. See more information about Arion, the airport bank.

Due to reduced travelling scheduled bus fares are very limited to and from Keflavik international airport. For more information see below the websites of the airport coach operators. Car rental operators have reduced their opening hours in the Air Terminal. We request that passengers intending to use such services to contact the car rental in question directly to find out about opening hours.

The airport still offers services for passengers who need special assistance. It is important to notify the aircraft operator, his agent or travel agent about your need for assistance at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

The wait can be up to 60 minutes for the Covid-19 test.