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Information related to COVID-19 measures at Keflavik Airport

Keflavik Airport, operated by Isavia, cooperate with the Chief Epidemiologist, the Directorate of Health and the Civil Protection Department to coordinate measures related to spread of COVID-19.

Passengers are required to fill out a registration form before arrival. 


arrivals to Keflavik Airport

Show arrived flights
06:10 Boston FI630 Landed 05:35
06:15 Seattle FI680 Landed 06:51
06:20 New York JFK FI614 Landed 05:41
08:05 New York JFK DL246 Landed 07:43
12:10 Frankfurt LH856 Landed 12:32
15:20 London Heathrow FI451 Landed 14:43
15:25 Amsterdam FI501
Landed 15:04 All Bags on Belt
15:40 Paris CDG FI543 Landed 15:19 All Bags on Belt

* The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents. The information is subject to change.