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Extreme weather can affect flight

Weather is affecting flights. Passengers are advised that flights with the status "On time" might be on time later in the day due to weather even though the original arrival/departure time might be unchanged on the arrivals/departures list. We advise passengers to contact their airlines for exact information on their flights.


arrivals to Reykjavik Airport

Show arrived flights
08:25 Vestmannaeyjar FEI761 Cancelled
09:10 Akureyri NY113 On time
09:45 Akureyri NY2119 On time
10:00 Egilsstaðir NY327 On time
11:00 Akureyri FEI330 Cancelled
11:05 Húsavík FEI753 On time
12:00 Ísafjörður NY017 Cancelled
13:00 Akureyri NY127 On time
13:00 Hornafjörður FEI741 Cancelled
13:40 Bíldudalur FEI721 Cancelled
14:15 Egilsstaðir NY331 On time
15:40 Kulusuk NY2234 Cancelled
16:55 Vestmannaeyjar FEI767 Cancelled
17:00 Akureyri NY153 On time
17:05 Ísafjörður NY027 Cancelled
19:40 Húsavík FEI757 Cancelled
20:10 Nuuk NY408 Cancelled
20:15 Akureyri NY167 On time
20:25 Egilsstaðir NY357 On time

* The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents. The information is subject to change.