Environmental Policy

Isavia has an environmental policy where the emphasis is on efficient use of resources, to minimise waste and increase recycling, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and practise green procurement.  

Environmental Management System - ISO 14001

Work on the ISO 14001 certification of selected airports within Isavia is well under way. Significant environmental activities have been acknowledged, objectives for improvement made and action plans prepared for the airports in Keflavik, Reykjavik, Akureyri, Isafjordur and Egilsstadir. It is expected that the first airport will fulfil all the conditions necessary for certification in 2016.


ACA (Airport Carbon Accreditation) Certification

Airport Council International (ACI) have a system that aims to reduce carbon emissions at airports. Keflavik International Airport is participating in this programme. There are 4 steps the airports can reach (1, 2, 3 and 3+), ranging from mapping the carbon footprint of the operation to being a carbon neutral airport.

Climate action

Isavia signed a statement on climate action, which Reykjavik City and Festa - Icelandic Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, presented in November 2015. The statement is intended as an incentive for operators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus demonstrate initiative and responsibility towards the environment and society in accordance with the Paris Agreement in 2015.

Green steps

Isavia participates in a project called “Green steps”, which the Ministry of Environment is in charge of, and focuses on systematically promoting environmentally friendly business operations. The actions focus on decreasing the usage of resources such as paper, hot water, electricity and fuel.
The company encourages employees and visitors to the company’s facilities to consider minimisation of environmental impact, such as the use of environmentally friendly means of transportation to and from work and meetings. Also, we remind our guests that all waste is separated and recycled as much as possible at Isavia’s offices.
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