Operating Divisions

Development and Administration

Company operations are directed by Managing Director Bjorn Oli Hauksson. The Development and Administration Division manages marketing and corporate communications, business and strategic development, legal and corporate governance, projects and coordination, zoning and international programs. The Division is headed by Ms Elin Arnadottir, Deputy Managing Director.

Human Resources and Performance Division

The Human Resources and Performance Division manages professional development, training and education, wages and contracts, internal communications, strategy execution and performance evaluation. The Human Resources Director is Mr Sigurdur Olafsson.

Finance Division

The Finance Division conducts company accounting and analysis, financial management, and investments, IT services and purchasing. The division is headed by Sveinbjorn Indridason.

Airports and Infrastructure Division

The Airports and Infrastructure Division conducts the operation and maintenance of all airports in Iceland except Keflavik International Airport and provides specialized construction and maintenance support to other operating divisions. The Airports and Infrastructure Division is directed by Mr Jon Karl Olafsson.

Air Navigation Services Division

The Air Navigation Services Division provides air traffic and air navigation services on domestic and international flight routes over Iceland and a large part of the North Atlantic Ocean. The division is directed by Mr Asgeir Palsson.

Keflavik International Airport

Keflavik International Airport conducts the operation and maintenance of Keflavik International, Iceland’s principal airport and an important transatlantic hub with numerous connections between Europe and North America. Mr. Throstur Soring is the director of Keflavik International Airport.

Leif Eiriksson Air Terminal

The Leif Eiriksson Air Terminal conducts the operation, maintenance and development of the Keflavik International Airport terminal, airport security and services related to airline operations. Mr Hlynur Sigurdsson is the director of the Leif Eiriksson Air Terminal.

Standards and Quality Management Department

The Standards and Quality Management Department conducts overall planning and coordination of the company's safety and quality policies and environmental program. The Safety and Quality Manager is Ms Helga R. Eyjolfsdottir.

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