Flight Inspection Operation


Mandatory flight inspections at airports are performed on regular bases to ensure safety and accuracy of flight procedures and navigational aids, in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and Aviation Authorities regulations.
Isavia has for decades provided flight inspections and calibrations on navigational aids at airports in Greenland, Faeroe Islands and Iceland.
Because of cost-effectiveness Isavia’s Beechcraft B200 Super King Air and experienced personnel also provided these services at airports in Europe and Asia, on case by case basis.
Isavia provides Flight Inspections on Precision and Non-Precision Approaches and associated navaids and lights including e.g. NDB, VOR, TACAN, Localizers, DME, Glidepath,   PAR/GCA, PAPI lights etc.
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Requirements and standards include:

  • Flight inspections is in accordance with procedures and tolerances described in ICAO Doc. 8071 Vol.1-3, ICAO Annex 10 and Annex 14
  • Analyses and evaluation of flight inspection data is in accordance with the tolerances prescribed in ICAO Doc. 8071, ICAO Annex 10 and Annex 14,  to enable a status classification and certification the signal of NAVAIDs 


Airports where Isavia provides its service

Below are videos of approach flights to airports both in Iceland and Greenland where we have provided our service.


Keflavik Internationa Airport (BIKF) flight approach Isafjordur Airport (BIIS)  flight approach
Ilulissat Airport (BGJN) - Greenland flight approach Nuuk Airport (BGGH) - Greenland flight approach


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