International Collaboration

Isavia participates extensively in international collaboration. This is partly because the bulk of the airspace which Isavia has been assigned to manage either belongs to other nations (Greenland, Faroe Islands) or lies over ocean areas and is managed on behalf of the ICAO. Because of rapid progress in air navigation, it is also necessary to closely monitor developments.

The international collaboration of Isavia can be divided into a few categories as is described below:

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

As mentioned above the bulk of the airspace which Isavia serves is outside Icelandic national airspace. This calls for close collaboration with ICAO, specifically the committee which supervises international agreements on the service provision, the Joint-Finance Committee. A few meetings are held each year where issues are reviewed. Isavia has also participated in meetings of the ICAO General Assembly where it has supported the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration.

In addition to this work with the ICAO in Montreal, Isavia has a large role within NAT/SPG which is the group that handles regional planning within the NAT area of ICAO. In recent years, the work of the group has been divided into two areas; on the one hand, implementation of improvements under the NAT Implementation Planning Group (NAT/IMG), and on the other, oversight of the operation of the air navigation system under the NAT Safety Oversight Group (NAT/SOG). Isavia works within the former group, but closely collaborates with the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration which works within the latter one. Both parties then take part in the work of NAT/SPG.

A few groups of specialists work under IMG. This includes the Air Traffic Management Group (ATMG); Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Group (CNSG); Safety Analysis and Reduced Separation Implementation Group (SARSIG); as well as various working groups which are set up to handle specific, temporary projects.

The Nordic Countries and Other Neighbours

Isavia is a party to extensive collaboration between the Nordic Countries and others within Borealis and Noracon.


Borealis logoBorealis is a collaboration of air navigation service providers in the Nordic countries, Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, and Britain. The primary objective of the cooperation has been to develop a common approach to the achievement of increased efficiency as well as enhancing the participants‘ influence on the future development of air traffic management.


NORACON is a consortium of some of the Nordic countries, Estonia, Ireland and Austria. NORACON was established to take part in invitations to tenders and projects concerning the technical part of the Single European Sky or SESAR. Isavia has approximately 5.4% of the project share of NORACON.


In connection with the worldwide development to separate service provision and oversight of establishment of companies for service provision, the need arose for a forum where the service providers could confer amongst themselves. This forum is called the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO). Isavia is a member of the organisation.

Other International Collaboration

In addition to the activities of ICAO mentioned above, employees of Isavia have participated in the technical work of ICAO to a certain extent; under the auspices of the company, and one Isavia employee has furthermore served on one of the technical panels of the organization (Separation and Airspace Safety Panel – SASP) as a representative of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers‘ Associations (IFATCA).

Isavia has participated in various technical projects which are conducted by other international institutions. AIRE and CRISTAL can be mentioned as examples. The company has also sought participation in the development of the next generation of data communications systems under the auspices of RTCA/EuroCAE.

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