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Copyright diclaimer

Isavia Ltd. holds the copyright to all information published on the Web site, unless otherwise expressly noted. Every effort is made to ensure that information on the Web site of Isavia is correct. Isavia, though, is not responsible for damages which can be directly or indirectly traced to use of the company’s Web site, nor damages which can be traced to the Web site being inaccessible, over a shorter or longer period.
Information on the Web site is subject to copyright, and a reference shall be provided to where the information is acquired. No responsibility is taken for Web sites of other parties referred to on the company’s Web site.

Isavia emphasises the following in regard to public release of meteorological information from airports specified on the Web site of Isavia: Meteorological information on the Web site of Isavia is only intended to serve as further information to the meteorological information transmitted from specified airports, such as METAR and SPECI, and by no means replaces that information.

It should be noted that all the weather data on the Web site is unreviewed real time data, and Isavia does not guarantee that the data is always accessible and updated. Measuring values are to be automatically updated every two minutes.

Meteorological observations from weather stations are to be automatically updated every thirty minutes. Additional automated weather observations appear in the case of sudden changes in weather which exceed certain limits.

Timetable disclaimer

We make every effort to ensure that the flight information contained on the website and via email alert is accurate and up to date. However we are reliant on the airlines and other third parties advising us of any changes and can not be responsible for the accuracy of that information. If you have any feedback or if you identify any inaccuracy, please contact us at

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