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Here you can find information about flight navigation charges


Applies to aircraft of 2.000 kg or more MTOW in the domestic area, except head of state, military, training and search and rescue flights.

Formula: Unit price x distance x weight factor

Unit price: 1,680 ISK

Distance: Each 100 km within the domestic area, except terminal area. Terminal area (20 km) is deducted from the enroute distance for each arrival or departure at airports in Iceland. Domestic enroute charging area for international flights extends to 220 km from airport of arrival or departure. A distance factor of 200 km x 2 is used to calculate enroute charge for international flights in domestic area.
Weight factor: v(MTOWtn/50)
Exemptions from Enroute air navigation charges in Domestic area:
a) flights performed by aircraft of which maximum take-off weight authorised is less than two metric tons,
b) aircraft which carries Heads of States on an official mission,
c) search and rescue flights authorised by the appropriate competent body,
d) military flights
e) training flights.