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Keflavik Airport is the primary gateway to Iceland, and around 98,5% of visitors to Iceland arrive through the airport. The airport is located 50 km south-west of the capital, Reykjavik, on the Reykjanes peninsula and provides a vital transport link for both passengers and freight.

Iceland is an island of 103.000km2 (40,000 sq. miles), with a total population of 376 thousand people which makes it the least populated country in Europe. Iceland’s highest peak is Hvannadalshnjúkur, standing 2.110 meters high (6952 ft). Over 11% of the country is covered by glaciers, including Vatnajökull – the largest glacier in Europe.

The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is a vibrant city that is surrounded by incredible landscapes and, where countless adventures beckon and host of natural wonders await. The main tourist attractions in southwest Iceland, such as Geyser hot springs, Blue lagoon and Gullfoss waterfall can be reached by within 2 hours by car from the city. Countless other magical tourist attractions await in other parts of Iceland, such as the exciting North and East Iceland, that can be reached from Reykjavik Domestic Airport within 1 hour flight.

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Iceland has experienced rapid growth in tourism since 2010, growing from less than 500 thousand tourists in 2010 to close to its peak at 2,5 million visitors in 2018. Concurrently the traffic through Keflavik Airport grew as well, from around 2 million passengers in 2010 to close to 10 million passengers in 2018.
Iceland is a year-round destination, and every season has its special appeal. Whether it is the northern lights during the winter or the midnight sun in the summer you want to see, Iceland is always welcoming.

Every day, there is an adventure waiting to happen in Iceland. With its abundance of mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, lakes, caves, and otherwise rough terrain waiting to be tackled, Iceland is truly an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. But it is also a warm and welcoming place for the rest of us.

Iceland is rugged and beautiful. And perfect for most outdoor adventures, all year round. The landscape serves as an epic backdrop to whatever activity you have in mind. But don't take our word for it. Just see for yourself.
Most people come to Iceland for nature. But Iceland's most unrivalled treasure is the people, who are warm and friendly, and easy with a smile. Enjoy a walk around town, visit the local swimming pool, and purchase local produce, for a chance to mingle with this friendly creature. Iceland has been ranked among the happiest countries in the world year after year.

The creative juices flow here in Iceland, just like the geothermal water. Experience music, literature, art, and design in our many venues, our galleries, and our makeshift creative spaces in old factories around the country.
Icelandic food is another gem, awaiting you to come and discover it. Sustainable use of food resources is important to Iceland, and "local grown" and "slow food" are descriptive phrases for Icelandic traditions, where a is a gift that can easily keep on giving, for a whole evening.

Passenger Development

Transfer To/From
2011 745858 1728948
2012 776301 1987725
2013 927880 2281968
2014 1147160 2718562
2015 1464878 3390627
2016 2198804 4622554
2017 3046024 5709328
2018 3882123 5922192
2019 2030777 5217043
2020 166673 1207295
2021 350821 1821160
2022 1527838 4568896
2023 2130603 5619488

Tourism in Iceland

2011 540824
2012 646921
2013 781016
2014 969181
2015 1261938
2016 1767726
2017 2195271
2018 2315925
2019 1986153
2020 478510
2021 687789
2022 1696785
2023 2214182