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We have 24 airlines flying to 80 different airports in North America and Europe. Here below you can see a list of destinations and average flight times

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Destination Airlines Average Flight Time Country 
Alicante Fly Play, Icelandair, Neos 04:40 Spain
Amsterdam  Fly Play, Icelandair, Transavia 03:20 Netherlands
Anchorage Icelandair 07:20 United States
Baltimore Fly Play, Icelandair 06:35 United States
Barcelona Fly Play, Vueling 04:25 Spain
Belfast Jet2.com 02:45 United Kingdom
Bergen Icelandair 02:20 Norway
Berlin Fly Play 03:40 Germany
Billund Icelandair 02:55 Denmark
Birmingham Jet2.com 02:45 United Kingdom
Bologna Fly Play 04:25 Italy
Boston  Fly Play, Icelandair 05:50 United States
Bristol Easyjet 02:55 United Kingdom
Brussels Fly Play, Icelandair 03:15 Belgium
Budapest Wizz Air 04:25 Hungary
Chicago Icelandair, United Airlines 06:40 United States
Copenhagen  Fly Play, Icelandair, SAS 03:10 Denmark
Denver Icelandair 08:00 United States
Dublin Fly Play, Icelandair 02:40 Ireland
Dusseldorf Eurowings 03:35 Germany
Edinburgh EasyJet, Jet2.com 02:30 United Kingdom
Faroe Islands Atlantic Airways 01:25 Faroe Islands
Frankfurt Lufthansa, Icelandair 03:35 Germany
Gdansk Wizz Air 03:35 Poland
Geneva Icelandair 03:40 Switerland
Glasgow Icelandair, Jet2.com 02:20 United Kingdom
Goteborg Fly Play 03:00 Sweden
Gran Canaria Fly Play, Neos 05:50 Spain
Hamburg Eurowings, Icelandair 03:20 Germany
Helsinki Finnair, Icelandair 03:25 Finland
Ilulissat Icelandair 03:20 Greenland
Katowice Wizz Air 04:00 Poland
Krakow Wizz Air 04:05 Poland
Leeds Jet2.com 02:40 United Kingdom
Lisbon Fly Play 04:35 Portugal
London Gatwick  EasyJet, Icelandair 03:10 United Kingdom
London Heathrow British Airways, Icelandair 03:05 United Kingdom
London Luton EasyJet, Wizz Air 02:55 United Kingdom
London Stansted Fly Play, Jet2.com 03:00 United Kingdom
Madrid Fly Play, Iberia Express, Icelandair 04:20 Spain
Malaga Fly Play 04:40 Spain
Manchester EasyJet, Icelandair, Jet2.com 02:45 United Kingdom
Milan Icelandair, Wizz Air 04:15 Italy
Minneapolis Delta, Icelandair 06:30 United States
Montreal Air Canada, Icelandair 05:25 Canada
Munich Lufthansa, Icelandair 03:45 Germany
Nantes Transavia 03:30 France
Naples Wizz Air 05:10 Italy
New York JFK Delta, Icelandair 06:05 United States
New York Stewart Fly Play 06:20 United States
Newark Liberty Icelandair, United Airlines 06:10 United States
Newcastle Jet2.com 02:40 United Kingdom
Nice Icelandair 04:00 France
Nuuk Air Greenland, Icelandair 03:30 Greenland
Orlando Fly Play, Icelandair 08:00 United States
Oslo Icelandair, Norwegian, SAS 02:45 Norway
Palma de Mallorca Fly Play 04:35 Spain
Paris CDG Fly Play, Icelandair 03:30 France
Paris ORY Transavia 03:35 France
Portland Icelandair 08:00 United States
Prague Czech Airlines, Fly Play 03:40 Czech Republic
Raleigh-Durham Icelandair 06:45 Latvia
Riga Air Baltic 03:40 Italy
Rome Icelandair, Wizz Air 04:35 United States
Seattle Icelandair 07:50 Norway
Stavanger Fly Play 02:40 Norway
Stockholm Icelandair, SAS 03:10 Sweden
Tenerife Sur Fly Play, Icelandair, Neos 05:30 Spain
Toronto Air Canada, Icelandair 06:00 Canada
Trondheim Fly Play 02:40 Norway
Vancouver Icelandair 07:45 United States
Venice  Wizz Air 04:20 Italy
Verona Neos 04:00 Italy
Vienna Austrian Airlines, Wizz Air 04:10 Austria
Vilnius Wizz Air 04:10 Lithuania
Warsaw Wizz Air 04:00 Poland
Washington Dulles Icelandair 06:20 United States
Wroclaw Wizz Air 03:50 Poland
Zurich  Edelweiss, Icelandair 03:50 Switerland

route opportunities

There are many route opportunities available at Keflavik Airport, this list is not exhaustive but shows the largest amount of indirect traffic that came to KEF in 2019. Please don't hesitate to contact us for additional data on current routes and route opportunities to and from Keflavík.

Airport CodeCity, CountryTotal Indirect passengers 2019Distance (km)
HKGHong Kong22.9089.726
PVGShanghai, China19.2659.007
LAXLos Angeles, United States18.8236.942
NRTNarita, Japan18.4708.845
PEKBeijing, China15.2537.924
TLVTel Aviv, Israel14.9285.284