• 10:10
    • FEI741
    • Reykjavík
    • 18:45
    • FEI743
    • Reykjavík
    • 09:50
    • FEI740
    • Reykjavík
    • 18:25
    • FEI742
    • Reykjavík

Hornafjörður Airport is located 5km north of the town of Höfn í Hornafirði in south-east Iceland. Scheduled flights between Hornafjörður and Reykjavik Airport are available through Eagle Air Iceland. The flights are twice daily on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and once every Sunday, and take about 55 minutes. In June, July and August, additional flights are available on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Further details on flights and bookings can be found on the airline’s website: www.eagleair.is.


We recommend that you arrive at the airport well in advance of departure to avoid queues and so that the airline can keep on schedule. Arriving about 60 minutes before your take-off is a good rule of thumb for this airport.

The check-in is at the terminal. Passengers are reminded to always bring identity documents (ID). The check-in is managed by Eagle Air Iceland, with further details available at www.eagleair.is.


Car rental – Bílaleiga Akureyrar/Europcar Car Rental has a location at the airport. For further details or to make bookings, please visit https://www.holdur.is.


Stórbrotin náttúra, fjölskrúðugt dýralíf og blómstrandi menning er meðal þessa mikla sem Austurland hefur upp á að bjóða. Kynntu þér málið á https://www.east.is/


For further information about Hornafjörður Airport and Isavia’s operations there, you can drop us a line at isavia@isavia.is.