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Data Protection – Privacy Notice

Isavia is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Isavia does not collect and use any more of your personal data than is necessary. By using Isavia´s services you accept our processing of your personal data to the point that is necessary for providing the service.

Isavia processes your personal data in accordance with Icelandic data protection law

This Privacy notice explains how Isavia collects and uses your personal data when using the Website and with CCTV in Keflavik Airport. It also describes your rights towards us and how to exercise them. You are also welcome to contact us on matters of privacy and data protection by sending an e-mail to

Isavia operates a surveillance system in Keflavik Airport. When Isavia processes personal data from the system, Isavia is the controller for that processing.

The main purpose of the surveillance is safety, safeguarding assets and aviation security. The footage from the system can also be used to supervise the utilization of buildings and its development and for staff training. When footage is used for purposes other than security, safeguarding assets and aviation security, we strive to ensure that individuals are not identifiable. Isavia's lawful justification to process personal data generated from surveillance system is a legal obligation that rests on Isavia, i.a. due to aviation security and, on the other hand,

Isavia's legitimate interests in maintaining security, asset management, promoting the development of the airport, improving services and training staff. Footage is accessible to a narrow group of Isavia staff.

A processor may receive limited access due to bug analysis and updates (Dallmeier). Footage with information about an accident or a criminal act can be handed over to the police. Footage can also be handed over to an insurance company if it is necessary for an insurance case.

In most cases you can see persons and their activities who have passed through the monitored area on the footage from the monitoring. You have the right to view footage in which you can be identified.

You also have the right to receive a copy of such footage provided that it does not infringe the rights and freedoms of others.

The footage is stored for 30 days except in limited cases when law allows for a longer storage period.

It is pointed out that other operators at the airport may also use surveillance system in their operations which is not the responsibility of Isavia