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Isavia works on a variety of projects connected to corporate social responsibility and has set a CSR policy.

Isavia emphasises that social responsibility is integrated with the company’s strategy and operations. 

Sustainability is a big part of Isavia’s strategy and one of the company’s strategy pillars. Objectives and related initiatives are selected with regard to the nature of the company and its strategy, suggestions from external stakeholders, the UN Global Goals and the government’s priorities, the company’s commitments to the UN Global Compact principles and other incentive projects for companies in aviation-related activities.

Sustainability Policy  

In Isavia’s Sustainability Policy, we are guided by sustainability in everything we do. It is one of the company’s policies. The policy, objectives, criteria and action plan that accompanies it should support our success in sustainability. At the same time, we are working towards Isavia’s vision to connect the world through Iceland, which is reflected in the Strategy Circle and the purpose of increasing the quality of life and prosperity in Iceland.

The Sustainability Square

The Sustainability Policy describes the balance between the environment, society and the economy. The environmental component is divided in two to highlight climate issues in particular, as the reduction of the carbon footprint needs special attention.

The Sustainability Square is divided into four components that are most important to Isavia, with the emphasis on the overall strategy and the activities of the company. 


Climate Issues – collaboration on environmental issues 

Isavia has set  the objective of being carbon free in 2030. We achieve this through collaboration, active monitoring of environmental factors, energy switching and carbon offsets as needed. We are aware of the risks posed by climate change and have policies in place to address them.

In our operations, we achieve the greatest results in reducing the carbon footprint by replacing vehicles. The goal is to replace all vehicles at Keflavik Airport with environmentally friendly energy sources by the end of 2030.

Resource Efficiency – collaboration on environmental issues 

Isavia strives to protect the environment and minimise  negative environmental impact of its operations. We focus on sustainable procurement, good utilisation of natural resources, reuse and recycling and thus promote a circular economy. Infrastructure is built in a sustainable way, and we minimise the environmental impact of future construction and operations.  

Quality of Life  – a role model in our community

We want to be a role model in sustainability in Iceland, and we work systematically towards that. We take the initiative to increase sustainability in the entire airport community and work systematically with the local community with mutual respect as a guiding principle. We focus on mutual dissemination of information, knowledge and experience. Collaboration leads to success.   

Value Creation – a trustworthy company that creates prosperity 

We build sustainable operations by creating long-term value added and thus contribute to the economy as a whole, which is in line with Isavia’s purpose. We make responsible decisions with sustainability as a guiding principle and work for progress and continuous improvement in sustainability.    

Clear objectives, criteria and a five-year action plan have been set with clear responsibility for the sustainability policy. For further information on the policy, see here.

Sustainability Reports

Isavia publishes an annual sustainability report according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) together with the special provisions of GRI-G4 on airports. The aim of issuing the sustainability report is to show transparency and provide a more in-depth view of Isavia’s operations and its effects on society. With the publication of the report, the company seeks to shed light on both the challenges it faces and also the results that have been achieved.

You can read the company’s sustainability reports here

  Isavia receives ISO140001 certification