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arrivals to Keflavik Airport

Show arrived flights
22:30 Copenhagen FI213 Icelandair Landed 00:08
01:30 Barcelona OG615 Play Landed 01:02
06:10 Boston FI630 Icelandair Landed 05:38
06:15 Seattle FI680 Icelandair Landed 05:57
06:20 Toronto FI602 Icelandair Cancelled
06:20 New York JFK FI614 Icelandair Landed 05:58
06:30 Washington Dulles FI644 Icelandair Landed 05:44
06:40 Chicago FI852 Icelandair Landed 06:26
07:00 New York Newark UA966 United Airlines Landed 06:52
08:05 New York JFK DL246 Delta Landed 08:00 All Bags on Belt
08:40 Dortmund W64713 Wizz Air Landed 08:36 All Bags on Belt
09:10 London Heathrow BA800
British Airways Landed 09:09
09:15 Copenhagen SK595 SAS Estimated 09:29
12:10 Frankfurt LH856 Lufthansa Estimated 12:22
14:00 Dublin FI417 Icelandair Estimated 13:42
14:50 Manchester FI441
Icelandair Estimated 14:37
15:05 Nuuk GL710 Air Greenland On time
15:15 London Gatwick FI471 Icelandair Estimated 15:14
15:20 London Heathrow FI451 Icelandair Estimated 15:13
15:25 Copenhagen FI205
Icelandair Estimated 15:35
15:25 Amsterdam FI501
Icelandair Estimated 15:20
15:30 Amsterdam FI507
Icelandair On time
15:40 Frankfurt FI521 Icelandair Estimated 15:42
15:40 Paris CDG FI543 Icelandair On time
15:45 Budapest W62427 Wizz Air On time
15:50 Berlin Brandenburg FI529 Icelandair Estimated 16:05
16:00 Munich FI533 Icelandair On time
16:15 London Luton EZY2295 EasyJet On time
16:20 Paris Orly TO4040 Transavia On time
17:10 Vienna W62857 Wizz Air On time
18:05 Wroclaw W61897 Wizz Air On time
18:35 Milan W65565 Wizz Air On time
18:50 Barcelona VY8560 Vueling On time
20:10 Tenerife South FI581 Icelandair On time
20:20 Tenerife South FI583 Icelandair On time
20:25 Gdansk W61773 Wizz Air On time
22:30 Copenhagen FI213
Icelandair On time
22:40 Tenerife South OG621 Play On time
23:20 Warsaw W61539 Wizz Air On time
23:40 London Heathrow FI455 Icelandair On time

* The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents. The information is subject to change.