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arrivals to Keflavik Airport

Show arrived flights
23:35 Warsaw W61539 Wizz Air Landed 02:03
23:50 Copenhagen FI217
AY6833 SK6162
Icelandair Landed 00:48
01:30 Alicante OG605 Play Landed 01:13
02:35 Tenerife South OG625 Play Landed 02:15
04:40 Boston OG112 Play Landed 04:41
04:40 New York Stewart OG122 Play Estimated 05:10
04:50 Baltimore Washington OG102 Play Estimated 04:59
04:55 Washington Dulles OG142 Play Estimated 05:05
06:00 Denver FI670
Icelandair Estimated 05:55
06:00 Orlando FI688
Icelandair Estimated 06:21
06:05 Boston FI630
Icelandair Estimated 05:56
06:15 New York Newark FI622
B65622 BT6279
Icelandair Estimated 06:04
06:15 New York JFK FI614
B65614 BT6285
Icelandair Estimated 06:00
06:15 Seattle FI680
Icelandair Estimated 05:55
06:20 Toronto Pearson FI602 Icelandair Estimated 06:42
06:25 Baltimore Washington FI642 Icelandair Estimated 06:22
06:25 Washington Dulles FI644
Icelandair Estimated 06:14
06:30 Detroit FI872 Icelandair Estimated 06:22
06:35 Minneapolis St Paul FI656 Icelandair Estimated 07:50
06:35 Chicago FI852
Icelandair Estimated 06:40
08:10 London Gatwick EZY8843 EasyJet Estimated 08:06
08:20 London Luton EZY2635 EasyJet Estimated 08:14
08:30 Chicago UA912 United Airlines Estimated 08:20
08:35 Helsinki AY991 Finnair Estimated 08:22
08:40 Edinburgh EZY3315 EasyJet Estimated 08:36
08:45 Boston FI632 Icelandair Estimated 08:34
08:50 Paris CDG FI549 Icelandair Estimated 08:27
08:55 New York JFK FI618 Icelandair Estimated 08:34
09:05 New York JFK DL246
AF3592 KL6037 VS3969
Delta Estimated 09:14
09:05 Washington Dulles FI648 Icelandair Estimated 08:49
09:10 Krakow W65053 Wizz Air On time
09:20 Seattle FI682 Icelandair Estimated 09:23
09:20 Chicago FI856
Icelandair Estimated 09:28
09:25 Denver FI674 Icelandair Estimated 09:15
09:30 Vagar RC401
Atlantic Airways Estimated 09:55
09:45 Copenhagen SK595 SAS On time
10:25 Oslo SK4787 SAS On time
11:40 Riga BT169
Air Baltic On time
12:05 Zurich WK300 Edelweiss On time
12:35 Dublin OG881 Play On time
13:20 Glasgow OG821 Play On time
13:40 London Stansted OG801 Play On time
13:50 Stockholm Arlanda OG981 Play On time
13:50 Copenhagen OG901 Play On time
13:55 Berlin Brandenburg OG701 Play On time
14:00 Dublin FI417
Icelandair Estimated 14:55
14:05 Paris CDG OG401 Play On time
14:45 Barcelona IB2892 Iberia On time
14:45 Oslo FI319
AY6819 B65611
Icelandair On time
15:10 Stockholm Arlanda FI307
AY6815 B65607 SK6157
Icelandair On time
15:15 Brussels FI555 Icelandair On time
15:15 London Gatwick FI471
Icelandair On time
15:15 London Heathrow FI451
Icelandair On time
15:25 Amsterdam FI501
Icelandair On time
15:25 Copenhagen FI205
AY6827 B65601 SK6151
Icelandair On time
15:40 Frankfurt FI521
Icelandair On time
15:40 Paris CDG FI543
Icelandair On time
15:45 Helsinki FI343
AY6817 B65651
Icelandair On time
15:50 Berlin Brandenburg FI529
Icelandair On time
15:55 Geneva FI565 Icelandair On time
16:00 Zurich FI569 Icelandair On time
16:00 Munich FI533
Icelandair On time
16:30 Nuuk GL710 Air Greenland On time
17:10 Kulusuk FI104 Icelandair On time
18:00 Stockholm Arlanda FI309 Icelandair On time
18:00 Oslo FI323 Icelandair On time
18:05 Amsterdam FI507
Icelandair On time
18:05 Copenhagen FI209
Icelandair On time
18:35 Paris CDG FI547 Icelandair On time
18:40 Gdansk W61773 Wizz Air On time
18:50 Rome FI563 Icelandair On time
18:50 Milan W45565 Aero Services Executive On time
19:00 Frankfurt FI523 Icelandair On time
19:05 Wroclaw W61897 Wizz Air On time
21:10 Tenerife South NO3925 Neos On time
21:55 Tenerife South FI581 Icelandair On time
22:20 Boston FI634
Icelandair On time
22:50 New York JFK FI612 Icelandair On time
23:15 Las Palmas OG641 Play On time
23:30 Frankfurt LH868 Lufthansa On time
23:35 Warsaw W61539 Wizz Air On time
23:40 London Heathrow FI455 Icelandair On time
23:55 Paris Orly TO4446 Transavia France On time

* The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents. The information is subject to change.