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We kindly request that you arrive at the airport 2.5 to 3 hours before your scheduled departure time for a smooth check-in process. Our airline check-in counters will be open from 3:45 AM for morning flights.
Our aim is to make your journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. To assist with this, we highly recommend using our airline partners online check-in services or our self-service machines in the check-in hall. We look forward to welcoming you and making your travel experience with us a memorable one.

See check-in options for all airlines at Keflavík airport


The check-in area is in the terminal’s departure hall on Level 1.


Passengers can check in through the websites of most airlines that operate at Keflavik Airport.  When you check in online you receive a boarding pass to your smartphone/mobile device or for printing at home. If you are only carrying hand baggage, you can go directly upstairs to the departure lounge. If you have luggage to check in you can use our self-check-in kiosks or regular check-in counters. (See table above showing options for each airline.)


There are over 60 self-check-in kiosks in the check-in hall, which are open 24 hours a day. You’re welcome to check in more than two and a half hours before departure. Opening hours for baggage reception are from 3:45 AM.

Self-check-in takes under a minute. You can choose your own seat and print your boarding pass and luggage tags (stickers). All you need is the flight’s booking number or your passport. (See table above for each airline’s check-in options.)



Once you have self-checked in with kiosk or online, you can go to the self-service bag drop off. You only need to scan your bag and boarding pass and drop your bags off to the bag drop off belt. (See table above with details for different airlines.) Backpacks with loose straps must be placed in the section "Special bags" located at the entrance of the self-service facility. Please make sure that the luggage tag (sticker) is clearly visible.


There are numerous check-in desks where ground handling agencies take delivery of bags if you do not wish to use the self service bag drop off, where the bags are labelled and processed.


You can drop off your odd-size baggage in a special area in the check-in hall. Odd-size baggage cannot be dropped off at the self-service bag drop. Skis, golf sets, pushchairs/strollers, child car seats, etc., are considered to be odd-size baggage.


You can speed up the check-in process by labelling all luggage carefully in advance and having your booking confirmations and passport(s) ready at the check in desk.
When packing for a trip, please bear in mind that cosmetic bags, toothpaste, hair products, perfumes, creams, aftershaves, deodorants, soaps, shaving cream and other comparable items are best kept in checked-in baggage.

Please remember to also pack any items not permitted in hand baggage in the checked-in bags. Items such as scissors, nail files and pocket knives must be placed in checked-in luggage. If such items are found in hand baggage during security screening, the passenger will, without exception, be prevented from continuing with the items through the security gate.

Icelandair’s maximum baggage allowances

Play's maximum baggage allowance


There’s plenty to see and do in Keflavik Airport’s departure lounge on the second floor. Passengers are advised to go directly through security screening after check-in and proceed to the departure lounge, which has a range of restaurants and shops, all of which are duty-free. The terminal has free unlimited Wi-Fi and numerous charging points for your devices.