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Varying opening hours in shops and restaurants

Opening hours in shops and restaurants at Keflavik Airport may vary in the coming weeks. This is due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions in some nations in relation to the Corona-19 pandemic.

Shops, restaurants and bank service which is open (Please note that only Dutyfree shop and House of Food is open during evening flights):


  • Mathús - vending machines with sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

Shops and banking

  • Arion bank
  • Dutyfree shop
  • Penninn - book store

Shops and restaurants which are temporarily closed:


  • 10-11 convenience store
  • Hjá Höllu - Pizza place
  • Joe and the Juice 
  • Kvikk Café
  • Loksins bar
  • Mathús (after passport control)
  • Nord restaurant
  • Segafredo - Café


  • Airport fashion
  • Blue Lagoon - cosmetics
  • Elko - electronics
  • Optical Studio - Optics
  • Rammagerðin - Iceland Gift Store
  • 66 North
  • Pure Food Hall
  • Dutyfree shop (south building)

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