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departures from Keflavik Airport

Show departed flights
00:05 Stuttgart EW2797 Eurowings Departed 00:05
00:10 Vienna OS328 Austrian Departed 00:10
00:40 Dusseldorf EW9281 Eurowings Departed 00:40
00:45 Paris CDG FI548 Icelandair Departed 00:35
00:50 Hamburg FI512 Icelandair Departed 01:36
00:50 Hamburg EW7809 Eurowings Departed 00:49
01:00 Vienna W42858 Wizz Air Departed 01:12
01:10 Munich LH2469 Lufthansa Departed 01:04
01:10 Copenhagen FI202 Icelandair Departed 01:12
06:00 Paris CDG OG400 Play Departed 05:51
06:00 Berlin Brandenburg OG700 Play Departed 05:45
06:10 Amsterdam OG460 Play Departed 06:04
06:10 Stockholm Arlanda OG980 Play Departed 06:00
06:15 Copenhagen OG900 Play Departed 06:13
06:40 Verona NO5958 Neos Departed 06:40
06:40 London Stansted OG800 Play Final Call
06:45 Gothenburg OG970 Play Gate Closed
07:00 Athens Eleftherios OG590 Play Final Call
07:20 Geneva FI564 Icelandair Go to Gate
07:20 Frankfurt FI520
Icelandair Go to Gate
07:20 Zurich FI568 Icelandair Go to Gate
07:20 Munich FI532
Icelandair Go to Gate
07:20 Prague FI536 Icelandair Boarding
07:30 Helsinki FI342
AY6816 B65650
Icelandair Estimated 07:30
07:30 Dublin FI416
Icelandair Estimated 07:30
07:35 Paris CDG FI542
Icelandair Go to Gate
07:35 Brussels FI554 Icelandair Estimated 07:35
07:35 Berlin Brandenburg FI528
Icelandair Estimated 07:35
07:35 Stockholm Arlanda FI306
AY6814 B65606 SK6156
Icelandair Estimated 07:35
07:35 London Gatwick FI470
Icelandair Estimated 07:35
07:40 London Heathrow FI450
Icelandair On time
07:40 Copenhagen FI204 Icelandair Estimated 07:40
07:40 Amsterdam FI500
Icelandair Estimated 08:25
07:50 Copenhagen FI206 Icelandair Estimated 07:50
07:50 Oslo FI318
AY6818 B65610
Icelandair Estimated 07:50
08:00 Manchester FI440
Icelandair Estimated 08:00
08:05 Nuuk FI113 Icelandair Estimated 08:05
08:20 Milan FI590 Icelandair Estimated 08:20
08:20 Rome FI562 Icelandair Estimated 08:20
08:35 Vagar FI300 Icelandair Estimated 08:35
08:45 Oslo SK4788 SAS Cancelled
08:45 Helsinki AY992 Finnair On time
08:50 Detroit DL237
KL6162 AF9097
Delta Estimated 09:30
09:00 Vagar RC402
KL9532 AF3886
Atlantic Airways On time
09:15 London Luton EZY2636 EasyJet On time
09:30 Minneapolis St Paul DL261
AF5603 KL6076
Delta On time
10:00 Toronto Pearson AC915 Air Canada On time
10:00 Boston FI635
Icelandair On time
10:00 Zurich FI566 Icelandair Estimated 10:00
10:10 Glasgow FI430
Icelandair Estimated 10:10
10:10 Bergen FI334
Icelandair Estimated 10:10
10:25 Denver FI673 Icelandair Estimated 10:25
10:30 Copenhagen SK596 SAS On time
10:30 Amsterdam FI506
Icelandair Estimated 10:30
10:30 Stockholm Arlanda FI308 Icelandair Estimated 10:30
10:30 Paris CDG FI546 Icelandair Estimated 10:30
10:30 Seattle FI685 Icelandair Estimated 10:30
10:30 Frankfurt FI522 Icelandair On time
10:35 Copenhagen FI208 Icelandair Estimated 10:35
10:35 London Heathrow BA801
British Airways On time
10:40 Oslo FI322 Icelandair Estimated 10:40
11:00 New York Newark UA139 United Airlines On time
11:25 New York JFK DL247
AF3602 KL6044 VS4048
Delta On time
12:00 Chicago UA913 United Airlines On time
12:30 Riga BT170 Air Baltic On time
14:50 Lisbon OG694 Play On time
14:50 Warsaw OG504 Play On time
15:00 Washington Dulles OG141 Play On time
15:00 Alicante OG604 Play On time
15:05 Baltimore Washington OG101 Play On time
15:20 Barcelona OG614 Play On time
15:30 Toronto Hamilton OG201 Play On time
15:50 Boston OG111 Play On time
16:00 New York Stewart OG121 Play On time
16:00 Paris CDG FI540 Icelandair On time
16:10 London Heathrow FI454 Icelandair On time
16:25 Chicago FI853
Icelandair On time
16:25 Alicante FI584 Icelandair On time
16:30 Copenhagen FI216 Icelandair On time
16:35 Billund FI274 Icelandair On time
16:45 Raleigh FI821 Icelandair On time
16:45 Minneapolis St Paul FI657 Icelandair On time
16:50 Washington Dulles FI645
Icelandair On time
16:50 Portland FI665 Icelandair On time
16:50 Seattle FI681
Icelandair On time
16:55 Denver FI671
Icelandair On time
16:55 Pittsburgh FI831 Icelandair On time
17:00 New York JFK FI615
B65615 BT6284
Icelandair On time
17:00 New York Newark FI623
B65623 BT6278
Icelandair On time
17:00 Baltimore Washington FI643 Icelandair On time
17:05 Toronto Pearson FI603 Icelandair On time
17:10 Boston FI631
Icelandair On time
17:15 Vancouver FI697 Icelandair On time
17:30 Kulusuk FI101 Icelandair On time
17:40 Helsinki AY994 Finnair On time
18:15 Oslo SK4786 SAS On time
18:35 Halifax FI607 Icelandair On time
19:35 Milan W46454 Wizz Air On time
19:35 Chicago FI855 Icelandair On time
19:45 Seattle FI683 Icelandair On time
19:45 Washington Dulles FI649 Icelandair On time
19:50 New York JFK FI619 Icelandair On time
19:50 Toronto Pearson FI605 Icelandair On time
19:55 Amsterdam HV6886
Transavia On time
20:05 Boston FI633 Icelandair On time
20:15 Katowice W61168 Wizz Air On time
21:00 Nuuk FI117 Icelandair On time
21:30 Ilulissat FI125 Icelandair On time
23:00 Budapest W62428 Wizz Air On time

* The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents. The information is subject to change.