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departures from Keflavik Airport

Show departed flights
00:25 Frankfurt LH869 Lufthansa Departed 00:49
07:20 Munich FI532 Icelandair Departed 07:16
07:25 Frankfurt FI520 Icelandair Departed 07:28
07:30 Dublin FI416 Icelandair Departed 07:33
07:40 Amsterdam FI500 Icelandair Departed 07:53
07:40 Paris CDG FI542 Icelandair Departed 07:57
07:40 London Heathrow FI450 Icelandair Departed 07:51
07:40 Berlin Brandenburg FI528 Icelandair Departed 07:43
07:45 London Gatwick FI470 Icelandair Departed 07:58
07:45 Copenhagen FI204 Icelandair Departed 07:48
07:50 Amsterdam FI506 Icelandair Departed 07:53
08:00 Manchester FI440 Icelandair Departed 08:15
08:40 Tenerife South FI580 Icelandair Departed 08:40
08:50 Tenerife South FI582 Icelandair Departed 08:53
09:20 Dortmund W64714 Wizz Air Final Call
09:30 Las Palmas FI1512 Icelandair Final Call
09:55 Copenhagen SK596 SAS On time
10:10 London Heathrow BA801
British Airways On time
10:10 Tenerife South OG620 Play Go to Gate
11:00 Aberdeen PVT1100 Private-Special Flights On time
11:15 New York JFK DL247 Delta On time
11:20 New York Newark UA967 United Airlines On time
13:35 Frankfurt LH857 Lufthansa On time
14:00 Copenhagen FI212
SK6152 SU3613
Icelandair Estimated 14:00
15:15 Alicante OG604 Play On time
16:10 London Heathrow FI454 Icelandair On time
16:25 Budapest W62428 Wizz Air On time
16:45 Chicago FI853 Icelandair On time
16:50 Washington Dulles FI645
Icelandair On time
16:55 Denver FI671 Icelandair On time
16:55 London Luton EZY2296 EasyJet On time
16:55 Nuuk GL711 Air Greenland On time
17:00 New York JFK FI615 Icelandair On time
17:00 New York Newark FI623 Icelandair Cancelled
17:05 Toronto FI603 Icelandair On time
17:05 Seattle FI681 Icelandair On time
17:10 Paris Orly TO4041 Transavia On time
17:15 Boston FI631
Icelandair On time
17:50 Vienna W62858 Wizz Air On time
18:50 Wroclaw W61898 Wizz Air On time
19:20 Milan W65566 Wizz Air On time
19:35 Barcelona VY8561 Vueling On time
21:05 Gdansk W61774 Wizz Air On time

* The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents. The information is subject to change.