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Transferring through KEF is quick and easy!

Keflavík Airport is an international hub, connecting the world through Iceland – and yet, because it’s relatively small, our transfer times are among the shortest in Europe. You never have to walk for long, queues rarely take much time, and everything you need is close to hand throughout the airport. You can find all the information you need for your transfer through the airport here, along with some time-saving tips as well as some pointers on the services you’ll find at the airport.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you, brief though your visit may be.

    • 09:15
    • FI682
    • Seattle
    • Estimated 09:26  
    • 09:20
    • BA800
    • London Heathrow
    • Estimated 09:14  
    • 09:20
    • FI856
    • Chicago
    • Landed 08:56  
    • 09:30
    • DL261
    • Minneapolis St Paul
    • Boarding  
    • 09:35
    • WS39
    • Calgary Intl
    • Estimated 10:11  
    • 09:40
    • FI613
    • New York JFK
    • Boarding  


Keflavík Airport has 3 different Gate areas in total; A, C and D. Your point of origin and ultimate destination determine which Gates you will use during your transfer – flights to and from the US, UK and Canada go through D Gates, while flights to and from Europe (the UK notwithstanding) go through Gates A or C.

This means that if your point of origin is the US, UK or Canada and your ultimate destination is in Europe, you will disembark at D Gate and find your connecting flight in either A or C Gate, and vice versa. It also means that if your point of origin is the US and you’re headed to the UK (or vice versa) you will land in D Gate and find your connecting flight in D Gate. You can use the information screens found all over the airport to locate your connecting flight.

Your transfer journey

A few pointers to keep in mind

Passport control

If your point of origin is the US, UK or Canada and your ultimate destination is Europe (the UK notwithstanding) – and vice versa – you will have to leave D Gate and pass through Passport Control located on the second level of the airport.

Travel times

The walking distance between D and Passport Control takes around 10 minutes to cover. The distance between Passport Control and A or C alson takes around 10 minutes to cover. This means that your travel time between D Gates and A&C Gates through Passport Control can only take a maximum of 20 minutes given normal conditions at the airport.


Your baggage will automatically be transferred to your connecting flight, unless your departing flight and your connecting flight are booked with different airlines. In that case, you need to locate your baggage in the Arrival area before checking in to your connecting flight. For more information, please contact your airline service provider.

Transferring through Keflavík is not only simple and easy – it’s cozy and laid-back as well.

We hope you really enjoy your time.


We offer a variety of services for travelers. For example, an unlimited, fast and completely free Wi-Fi connection is available all over the airport. You can use electrical outlets to charge your phone with sustainable and renewable Icelandic energy. Trained staff provides passengers with reduced mobility and other special needs all the assistance they might need free of charge. 
Read more about the services we offer travelers.

Shopping & dining

We not only house some of Iceland’s finest shopping brands, but it also offer travelers a broad selection of restaurants, cafés and bars to choose from. If you’ve got the time, we highly recommend you check them out. For example, you could taste some Icelandic cuisine and top it off with a refreshing cup of coffee. Afterwards, you could go browsing through the shops to get that special someone a gift that says „Oh, I was just thinking of you.“