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With its extensive network of airports in Iceland and air navigation services for one of the world’s largest air traffic control areas, Isavia serves as the backbone for air transport in and around Iceland. Together with its subsidiaries, Isavia employs a team of professionals committed to being part of a pleasant journey for the millions of passengers passing through our airports and control area every year. Our policy is to provide a humane and family-friendly workplace, with positive staff morale and effective training for our employees.

Our future vision is to be an aviation hub between three continents: North America, Europe and Asia.

All our application forms are in icelandic. Feel free to email us at


Meðferð umsókna

Farið er með allar umsóknir sem trúnaðarmál. Almennum umsóknum er ekki svarað sérstaklega, en ef reynsla og hæfni umsækjenda nýtist í þau störf sem verið er að ráða í, verður haft samband við viðkomandi. Umsóknir eru geymdar í 6 mánuði frá því að þær berast og biðjum við þig um að tilkynna ef þú vilt að gögnum um þig sé eytt fyrir þann tíma.

Sækja um


All job applications with Isavia must go through our recruitment website. All applications and queries regarding jobs are treated as confidential.

All applications for job openings are answered when the position has been filled. The recruitment process normally takes 4-8 weeks from the time that the vacancy is advertised. General applications are not answered.

Applications are kept on file for 6 months. Applicants wishing to have their information deleted before that time must let us know.

Applicants for jobs requiring access to security-restricted areas of airports must pass a background check by the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police.


Did you have a problem with the application? If so, please e-mail us at