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The workplace

We lead an airport community that increases the quality of life and prosperity in Iceland. Our employees are a leading force in the airport community, with a good collaboration with our business partners we succeed in increasing the quality of life and prosperity in Iceland. Everything we do and aim for is done to increase the quality of life and prosperity in Iceland; therefore, the purpose sentence is in the outer circle and surrounds the policy priorities. 


Connecting the world through Iceland

Our vision reflects the importance of air connections for Iceland.

To work at Isavia

About 900 people work with us on different and exciting projects. The work is varied and within the company there are more than 190 different job titles. The staff is our greatest asset and we place great emphasis on a good and family-friendly working environment, intensive education and training along with a positive work ethic.

Equipment and facilities are as good as possible. In the work environment there is mutual flexibility, where a balance between work and private life is promoted. The company culture is characterized by trust, where employees take responsibility for their own performance and are given the opportunity to flourish.

We work at three locations. The company's offices are in Dalshrauni 3 in Hafnarfjörður and Krossmóa in Reykjanesbær, but the heart of the business is Keflavík Airport itself.

The offices are mostly open work spaces where our staff use laptops, two monitors and telephones as needed. Airport staff are provided with comfortable work clothes and all the equipment they need to do their job.

Culture statement

We are respectuful and honest with ourselves and others. We have fun in our daily work, are brave and constructive
and take responsibility for our own performance. Together we will succeed. 


Isavia's staff who live in the capital area or in Suðurnes have the option of using an ecological means of transport to and from work. An office bus runs every weekday from the capital area to the airport area and is suitable for those who work during the day. Employees who are on  work shifts can take advantage of scheduled trips free of charge.


At Keflavík Airport and in Dalshraun, our staff has access to an excellent canteen where healthy and good food is offered every day, good coffee along with good spirits. Meals in the canteen are subsidized by Isavia.

Ambitious focus on education

Isavia has extensive and ambitious training programmes in place and follows programmes approved by the Icelandic Transport Authority. We ensure that our staff receive appropriate training and acquire the skills needed to be successful in their jobs. At the same time, we promote staff safety and well-being at work. The largest part of the training is mandatory training for work permits.

We offer a wide range of training courses every year for our staff’s professional and personal development. The training content is determined by what tasks, goals and challenges are available at each point in time.

Focus on health

We place great value on the physical and mental health of our staff. We work together as one team and support each other. We are agreed that bullying and other psychosocial, gender-based or sexual harassment are not to be tolerated under any circumstances.

We have adopted an ambitious response plan against bullying and other harassment. The response plan sets out a procedure so that our employees know whom to contact and provides clear communication channels for victims and perpetrators.

We seek to improve our staff’s health by providing them with a good working environment, encouraging them to improve their all-round health and fitness and providing them with health-related instruction.

  • We provide annual health checks and influenza vaccinations.
  • A nurse holds regular consultations at our largest workplaces every three months.
  • We also offer a nurse’s consultation by telephone about the health and well-being of employees and their families.
  • We take part in health-related initiatives such as Pink Friday, Pink Ribbon, Moustache March, the Wow Cyclothon, Cycling to Work and the Reykjavik Marathon, and support various charitable causes.
  • Our annual “Happy Days” offer a range of lectures on mental and physical health and include other health-related events.
  • Every employee is entitled to a physical fitness allowance to cover gym membership or similar fees.

We promote occupational health and safety to reduce occupational diseases and accidents. When needed, we engage occupational therapists to review our workplaces and workstations and propose improvements. Isavia has a Safety Committee, which is composed of representatives of both staff and management.

A fun workplace

Our employees are a close-knit team of fun-loving people, which makes social life at the workplace all the more dynamic and exciting. We run a host of events for our staff each year, including the Annual Celebration for all employees of Isavia and its subsidiaries.

The Staff Association for Isavia and its subsidiaries – called “Staffið” – organises numerous events throughout the year, providing a diverse and lively social calendar.

We hope this has given you some insight into our working environment. Please send us an application if you are looking for a new adventure.