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Isavia complies with public procurement laws and regulations and maintains equality, transparency and efficiency in procurement. On this page you can find information about tenders and related documents, terms and conditions related to procurement and invoices.


Isavia's tender website can be accessed here. Interested companies are encouraged to register on the website.

It should be noted that a new registration on the tender website is a condition for access and participation in Isavia's tender process.

The English version of the website can be found by clicking on the British flag at the bottom of the website

Isavia's tender website

All Isavia's open tenders are advertised on the public tender website

All open tenders for the EU are advertised on the European Union website TED (Tenders Electronic Daily)

Framework and dynamic purchasing system, DPS

Isavia ohf. and its subsidiaries frequently call for tenders for framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems, (“DPS”), for the procurement of goods, services, and construction works. When a framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system meet the threshold specified in Article 15 of the Regulation no. 340/2017 on the procurements entities that manage water supply, energy supply, transport, and postal services tenders are advertised on the public tender website, TED, as well as the Isavia tender website.

 The dynamic purchasing system is operational and is open to all companies that meet the conditions for participation. To participate, companies must submit their data electronically through the Isavia tender website, following the instructions and terms outlined in the tender documents available on the site.

 All purchases within the dynamic purchasing system are conducted through closed tenders via Isavia tender website.

 Isavia has already established dynamic purchasing system for vehicles and Led display solutions. The system plays crucial role in enabling Isavia to achieve its goal of Net-Zero carbon emissions in all its operations by the year 2030 and supports the work of replacing vehicles that run on fossil fuels with vehicles that use more environmentally friendly energy sources. When purchasing LED screens, there are requirements for energy consumption and radiation, among other things.

 You can apply for participation in the dynamic purchasing system by logging in to Isavia tender website and submitting a statement of eligibility along with the requested data.

Pre-market engagement

As part of procurement process preparation, Isavia invites suppliers with relevant experience to participate in pre-market engagement. This engagement will help establish to intended procurement and its requirements. Such pre-market engagements are advertised on Isavia tender website, TED and in other ways that are suitable in each case.

 Purchasing system, orders, and invoices

Isavia’s goal is that all orders are made through a purchasing system or contracts with suppliers. All suppliers must have a purchase order (PO) number or reference to contracts. Lack of requested information on an invoice can cause delays in payments and even lead to invoices being rejected. More information about Isavia invoicing requirements can be found on the right side of this page.