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We have the important role of handling the operation and development of infrastructure that lays the foundation for Iceland’s air transport, connections with the outside world and flights between continents. Keflavik Airport is the largest gateway into Iceland. It is one of the most important single infrastructures of the tourism industry and plays an important role in creating a good quality of life and prosperity in Iceland. To meet that responsibility, we have a united team and strong employees who work together and with others in a constructive way. The company’s strategy represents ambition aimed at delivering a leading airport that will grow sustainably and support the nation’s prosperity.  

We believe that a clear strategy and a good corporate culture are the foundation for effective implementation of a strategy. Isavia emphasizes a corporate culture where communication and collaboration between employees is based on constructive and honest communication. In recent years we have been working with all of Isavia's employees to change the company's culture into a constructive culture, this journey has been very satisfying and rewarding and we look forward making it even better.

In the process of implementing the strategy we have been working with and training the strategic mindset of our leaders and employees. In our daily work we need to be conscious that our decisions and actions support the company´s vision, by doing that we are all in the same strategic journey together and that's how we succeed together.

The strategic circle

The strategic circle is a compass for the company's focus for the future. It links together seven strategic priorities that lead the company to its future vision and reflects the journey towards sustainability in all areas of its operations.


The purpose of Isavia is to lead an airport community that increases quality of life and prosperity in Iceland. We are proud of our purpose,  KEF airport is the only major international airport in Iceland and plays a major role in supporting the country's economy. The airport connects the world with Iceland and therefore enables the transport of goods and services to and from the country as well as opening up the country for tourism. The airport is the biggest workplace in the near community.


The vision is to connect the world through Iceland. The vision lays the foundation for the development of the airport. We want to be able to grow with our customers in line with passenger forecasts as well as the increased demand for air connections that is anticipated in the coming years as further markets open up with longer-range aircraft. To meet this development, work has begun on enlarging the terminal building at Keflavík Airport. Read about the future development of Keflavík Airport on KEF+.

Strategic focus circle

Isavia is only one of a number of companies operating at Keflavík Airport. The company leads the airport community and takes the initiative to work constructively with its business partners towards joint success. In this partnership, we put our customers at the forefront by offering unique experiences and efficient, smart and quality service. Keflavík Airport is one of the key infrastructure in the country and therefore the emphasis is on developing and maintaining the whole airport infrastructure in the long term. The aim is to continuously improve the utilisation of resources with profitability and long-term interests in mind. At the same time, innovation and continuous development of the business is promoted. We have sustainability at the heart of all our work and are committed to setting a good example in safety and security matters.

Strategy to 2028

The company's vision, to connect the world through Iceland, is a journey to the year 2040. It is important to have a clear vision of the milestones that need to be achieved on the journey towards that vision. In 2023, a five-year strategy was created which is the company's guiding principle until 2028. By the end of 2028, „Isavia capabilities support future growth of KEF hub airlines“. The strategy is supported by a road map containing a number of strategic initiatives. The strategic focus to 2028 will be on customer excellence and airport community, culture and digital optimization in order to achieve desired results appearing in the below star.

Isavia's corporate culture

One of the company's key focus over the past three years has been to change the corporate culture at Isavia. The project has been carried out under the name "Together on a new journey" and supports the successful implementation of the company's strategy. All of our employees participate in the journey and work in accordance with the company's „Culture Statement“, which is represents the ideal constructive culture. Emphasis has been placed on training the company's leaders to work in accordance with the constructive culture and to increase their ability to support their people in the journey. The cultural journey is intended to change the company's culture from passive and aggressive to a constructive one with an emphasis on achievement, self-development, a stimulating environment and a good co-operation between employees. The management and employees have received regular training in the methodology of a constructive culture. The focus is now on empowering our frontline staff to use constructive behaviour in their work by that we are linking strategy implementation to the ideal culture with an emphasis on achieving success together. A survey conducted in autumn 2023 found that outstanding progress has been made on the journey towards the ideal culture.

Culture statement
- Our guiding light in behaviour

We are respectful and honest with ourselves and others. We have fun in oour daily work, are brave and constructive, we take responsibility for our own performance.

Together we succeed.