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Isavia’s HR policy reflects its strategic policy and values. It outlines how we select and prepare talent to achieve our vision and goals. The HR policy’s key objectives are to ensure a high level of overall job satisfaction and staff morale as well as excellent services. We place a value on enabling our staff to achieve a healthy work-life balance, both for the company’s benefit and to improve our staff’s quality of life.


Safety is a top priority in Isavia’s activities. We place emphasis on training staff in safety requirements as well as laws and rules on occupational safety.

Since workplace conditions affect employees’ health, we provide them with a safe and healthy working environment. We encourage our staff to engage in physical exercise and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • We are welcoming to new employees and provide them with opportunities for orientation and training.
  • We recruit the best-qualified talent available at any given time and base all our hiring decisions on skills, education and professional experience. We follow an equal opportunities policy and have an Equality Programme in place, which informs all our recruitment and other activities. Bullying and sexual harassment are not tolerated in the workplace under any circumstances.
  • We work together to inform and train new staff in order to speed up their effectiveness and independence in their respective work roles. Our job descriptions are clear and we introduce new recruits to the rest of the team and familiarise them with the workplace as well as their rights and obligations.
  • We place emphasis on good punctuality and a strong work ethic.
  • Employees’ families and closest friends are among the most important pillars of a successful career and professional achievement, making it important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • We provide our staff with appropriate training and equip them with the skills needed to be successful in their work. In particular, we encourage our staff to maintain their own education and skills.
  • We place a strong focus on effective basic training, retraining and continuous training for our staff.
  • The wide range of training we offer serves to enhance our employees’ personal development, job satisfaction and the effectiveness of the company’s activities.
  • Various grants for education and training outside the company are made available to all our staff.


  • A prerequisite of providing our customers with first-rate services is to provide our staff with job satisfaction and security.
  • Our employees are service-minded and strive to provide an exceptional and personal service.
  • We work with care and diligence and respect each other.