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Isavia's company policy


Centre for aviation in the North Atlantic.


Isavia is a service company in airport operations and air navigation and forms the foundation for Iceland´s civil aviation.

 We work together to be a part of a pleasant journey both in Iceland and abroad.



We are safe all the way.

We are aware of all risks and follow established procedures, thus promoting the safety of the public, customers and our employees. We do this by utilising disciplined methods, constant intelligence gathering and systematic monitoring.


We are one team.

We achieve success through co-operation. We respect the work of others and operate in harmony with our community.


We are hospitable.

We provide quality services and welcome our customers with respect and a positive outlook.


  • A popular and progressive workplace that offers exciting challenges
  •  Provide valuable and efficient services
  • Systematic implementation of new technology, processes and procedures
  •  Long and short term profitability, based on a solid infrastructure
  •   A socially responsible company