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Isavia’s Strategy

Isavia has the important role of handling the operation and development of infrastructure that lays the foundation for Iceland’s air transport, connections with the outside world and flights between continents. 
Keflavik Airport is the largest gateway into Iceland. It is one of the most important single infrastructures of the tourism industry and plays an important role in creating a good quality of life and prosperity in Iceland. 
To meet that responsibility, we have a united team and strong employees, who work together and with others in a constructive way. 

The company’s strategy represents ambition aimed at delivering a leading airport that will grow sustainably and support the nation’s prosperity.  

The Strategy Circle 

The Strategy Circle is a compass for the company’s priorities for the future. The aim of the Circle is to connect different priorities together to lead us towards the vision for the future. 


We lead an airport community that increases the quality of life and prosperity in Iceland. 
Isavia´s employees are a leading force in the airport community, with a good collaboration with our business partners we succeed in increasing the quality of life and prosperity in Iceland. 
Everything we do and aim for is done to increase the quality of life and prosperity in Iceland; therefore, the purpose sentence is in the outer circle and surrounds the policy priorities. 


Connecting the world through Iceland
Our vision reflects the importance of air connections for Iceland. 

Strategy Priorities 

Airport Community 
We lead the airport community and make things happen. We work systematically with our business partners for joint success. We enable them to solve challenges in new ways, follow developments in our work environment and share information with them. With an open flow of data and information, we build effective collaboration. We strengthen collaboration and unity, as we are all operating one airport together.   

We put customers first and offer a unique experience.  
We work with our business partners to provide customers with efficient and good service. We operate an efficient and competitive hub with clear and measurable service standards, and we intend to increase the number of air connections. 

Human Resources 
Our work environment is characterised by positivity, diversity, flexibility and collaboration. We show initiative, take on challenges and work together as a team to succeed. We have qualified and professional managers, we empower our employees and we provide opportunities for career development.  

Smart Solutions 
We create a digital platform for our employees, customers and the airport community. We promote technological innovation and initiative and use technology wherever beneficial. We have a common vision of how to improve the passenger experience with smart solutions.  

Financial Position 
Isavia is a profitable company which builds on strong infrastructure. We are constantly improving the utilisation of resources with profitability and long-term interests in mind.    
We build and maintain infrastructure for the long term, taking into account overall interests, promotion of innovation and continuous development in our operations. We follow a clear development plan.  

Security and Safety 
We are a role model in safety and protection matters. We are responsible for our own safety, we care about others, we are vigilant and we believe in continuous improvement. We help identify, report, assess and manage hazards in our work environment. We place emphasis on employees’ well being and promote a diverse, safe and healthy environment.   

By letting security and safety surround other strategy priorities, we are emphasising the importance of implementing safety culture to everything we do. 

We are guided by sustainability in everything we do. We build sustainable operations by creating long-term value added and thus contribute to the economy as a whole. We take the initiative to increase sustainability in the entire airport community. We invest in innovation and put emphasise on development and continuous improvement in sustainability. 
Sustainability surrounds other policy priorities and emphasises the importance of having sustainability as a guiding principle in everything we do. 

Global Goals 

Isavia adheres to four of the United Nations’ Global Goals, in particular in its policy, i.e. Global Goals 8, 9, 13 and 17, but also works with others in its support policies, as they form one whole.