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Baggage charges differ by each airline on domestic flights.


Rules on baggage on domestic flights vary between airlines, but it is common for the allowed weight of checked-in baggage to be 20 kg and the allowed weight of hand baggage to be 6 kg. Passengers are advised to familiarise themselves with the rules of the relevant airline.

The following may not be carried in hand baggage:

Not allowed:



Weapons or equipment that can fire bullets, pellets or other projectiles with the use of explosives, compressed air or other similar means. Firearms also include start guns and signal guns.

Edged and pointed weapons:

All knives, e.g. hunting knives, linoleum knives, various edged and pointed weapons used in martial arts, swords and daggers.


All clubs, including baseball bats, bats used in martial arts, police truncheons, golf clubs and ice hockey clubs.

Ammunition and explosives, flammable and corrosive substances:

All kinds of shells or projectiles for use in firearms, rockets, smoke bombs and firecrackers, various types of fireworks, flammable liquids, gas and all corrosive substances.

Self-defence weapons:

Tear gas (mace) and electric stun/shock devices.

Other tools and equipment:

Ice picks, razors, pointed scissors and other objects that may be used as weapons.


All replicas of weapons, ammunition, explosives and/or other objects similar to weapons.