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Pictures of Isavia Airports

Below can be seen pictures of Isavia airports.





Operation and Development of Icelandic Airports

The operation of Icelandic airports consists in diverse services which ensure that runways, ramps, air terminals, and all airport equipment functions perfectly. Safety issues, internal control, design, and projects in various areas, as well as air navigation, are a large part of those operations.

The largest airport that Isavia operates is Keflavik Airport which is the center for international flights in Iceland. The second largest airport is Reykjavik Airport which is the center for domestic flights. Keflavik Airport has state-of-the-art equipment and provides services for all airplane types. Services in the air terminal are outstanding according to a survey which the association Airports Council International carried out among passengers in March 2008. The air terminal is praised for being conveniently situated in the middle of the Atlantic and landed in first place for comfort in transferring between flights and access to shops and banking services, in third place for safety, and was generally chosen as the fifth best terminal in the world in the category of terminals with fewer than five million passengers.

International Requirements

In recent years, international requirements concerning aviation security and preparedness issues at airports have increased substantially. Requirements concerning access to airports have been significantly tightened, and many changes have been made in safety, aviation security, firefighting, rescue, and emergency preparedness issues at Icelandic airports.

Security and emergency preparedness issues are ensured with appropriate training, detailed coordination, and planning in that area, both as regards airports in Iceland and flights over the country.

Isavia operates a quality and safety management system which ensures the quality and safety of the airport and air navigation service.

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