Other Scheduled Flight Airports

Eagle Air flies from Reykjavík to Hornafjörður, Bíldudalur, Vestmannaeyjar, and Gjögur. In April 2012, Húsavík will be added to the list of destinations.

Air Iceland flies from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður, Akureyri, and Egilsstaðir. Flights can also be booked with Air Iceland to Grímsey, Þórshöfn, and Vopnafjörður with a stopover at Akureyri Airport.

Norlandair operates the flights from Akureyri to Grímsey, Þórshöfn, and Vopnafjörður.

Þingeyri Airport is used as an alternate airport for Ísafjörður Airport.

Below you can find links to information on destinations on the home pages of the airlines.

Ísafjörður Airport

Vestmannaeyjar Airport

Hornafjörður Airport

Grímsey Airport

Bíldudalur Airport

Vopnafjörður Airport

Þórshöfn Airport

Gjögur Airport

Fríhöfnin Tern Systems