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The bistro in the terminal at Akureyri Airport offers food and refreshments.

The bistro Flugkaffi in the terminal at Akureyri Airport sells coffee, Icelandic twisted doughnuts (kleinur), sugared pancakes, sandwiches, soft drinks, juices, sweets and other refreshments. The bistro’s specialty, however, is the traditional Icelandic “home cooking” served at midday. Air passengers and locals alike have for years enjoyed sitting down here for a chat while feasting on a leg of Icelandic lamb in brown gravy along with rhubarb marmelade, sugar-browned potatoes and other traditional, mouth-watering fare. Common topics of discussion among the guests include local and national politics, with the big issues of day dissected and solved multiple times a day.

The bistro is headed by  Baldvin Sigurðsson, who not only serves delectable dishes on a daily basis, but also partakes in the lively discussions that arise in the dining area. Whether you’re an air passenger, a local or just passing through Akureyri, we encourage you to drop by for a meal at Baldvin’s eatery.