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Aviation security

Egilsstaðir Airport is one of four international airports in Iceland, and as such, it is made to fulfil rules and requirements in the area of aviation security

Due to access control at the airport, professional parties (companies, institutions, associations, and individuals) that need regular access to the airport must apply for appropriate access authorisations. This is an ID card in the case of individuals, but remote controls and access permissions for vehicles. Companies, institutions, and associations apply for access for their employees or members. In order for parties to be provided with access authorisation to the airport, they need to have received the appropriate instruction which takes approximately 1,5 hours in the case of access to the airside area, but four hours for those that need access to the security restricted area.

It should be mentioned that the only parties who need access to the security restricted area are those who are involved in the clearance of international commercial flights. Regarding participation fees for seminars and other costs related to access authorisations, refer to the scheme of charges of Isavia Ltd.

Professional parties apply for access and access renewal using forms or at the Isavia office at Egilsstaðir Airport.