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Private Jets at Reykjavik Airport

Iceland is an excition stopover destination for private jets, perfectly located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with around 2-4 hours flying time from Europe and 4-6 hours from North-America


Reykjavik is the perfect stopover between Europe and America. In a day you can experience unique nature and culture, relax in the amazing Blue Lagoon or try one of Reykjavik's world class restaurants. 

Reykjavik City Airport is located close to the city center. Only 2 minutes drive and 10 minutes walking distance to downtown Reykjavik. The airport is mainly used for domestic services and general aviation. The airport is small with short distances. In 3-5 minutes passengers can walk through customs and into the reception of a four star hotel.

You can choose from a number of Icelandic luxury tour services to customize trips to your needs.

Wether you want to cruise the highlands in a luxurious super-jeep, get a birds eye view of unique nature from a helicopter, surf the glaciers on a snowmobile or hiking in to the unknown, they will make your stay unforgettable.

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Reykjavik Airport in the Icelandic AIP