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No Covid-19 measures at borders or regional airports in Iceland

All Covid-19 measures at the Icelandic borders have now ended. No prevention measures are in place, regardless of whether people are vaccinated or unvacinated. 

Covid measures at regional airports have also been lifted. No rules on the wearing of masks in the terminals are now in place. Passengers can, of course, wear masks and access hand sanitizer should they wish to do so. 

All Covid-19 measures in Iceland have also been lifted. We kindly ask you to respect social distancing when possible and observe good hygiene to protect yourself and others.

More detailed information on the Covid situation in Iceland can be found here. 


arrivals to Reykjavik Airport

Show arrived flights
09:10 Akureyri FI031 Icelandair On time
09:30 Ísafjörður FI017 Icelandair On time
10:00 Egilsstaðir FI061 Icelandair On time
11:10 Hornafjörður FEI741 Flugfélagið Ernir On time
12:00 Akureyri FI035 Icelandair On time
13:05 Akureyri FI037 Icelandair On time
16:00 Húsavík FEI757 Flugfélagið Ernir On time
16:40 Egilsstaðir FI069 Icelandair On time
17:00 Akureyri FI039 Icelandair On time
17:25 Kulusuk FI106 Icelandair On time
17:35 Akureyri FI047 Icelandair On time
18:55 Hornafjörður FEI743 Flugfélagið Ernir On time
19:15 Ísafjörður FI027 Icelandair On time
20:15 Akureyri FI051 Icelandair On time
20:25 Egilsstaðir FI071 Icelandair On time
20:45 Akureyri FI049 Icelandair On time

* The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents. The information is subject to change.