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departures from Reykjavik Airport

Show departed flights
07:10 Akureyri NY112 On time
07:15 Vestmannaeyjar FEI760 On time
07:30 Egilsstaðir NY326 On time
08:00 Ísafjörður NY016 On time
08:05 Húsavík FEI752 On time
08:55 Hornafjörður FEI740 On time
10:15 Ilulissat NY439 On time
10:45 Kulusuk NY231 On time
11:30 Akureyri NY126 On time
11:30 Bíldudalur FEI720 On time
12:10 Egilsstaðir NY330 On time
13:10 Nuuk NY407 On time
14:45 Reykjavík FEI032 On time
15:45 Vestmannaeyjar FEI766 On time
15:55 Húsavík FEI756 On time
16:10 Akureyri NY152 On time
17:30 Hornafjörður FEI742 On time
17:30 Ísafjörður NY026 On time
19:00 Egilsstaðir NY356 On time
20:00 Akureyri NY170 On time

* The flight schedule is updated by the airlines and ground handling agents. The information is subject to change.