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Keflavík airport (KEF)

Excerpts from the operating licence holder’s manual

 1.   KEF phone numbers

Isavia offices: +354 425 6000


2.      Evacuation routes

The operating licence holder must ensure that evacuation routes as marked on building plans and fire safety plans are accessible. Their use must not be obstructed by closures or obstacles that block evacuation routes.

The operating licence holder is also responsible for notifying the licensor if exit lights and emergency lighting in the space cease to function.


3.      Waste disposal

Gámaþjónustan provides waste disposal services to Isavia.

Sorting waste at KEF is sorted into the following categories:  

  • General waste – Compactors marked for general waste.  

  • Corrugated cardboard – Compactors marked for corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is valuable and must not be contaminated by placing other waste in the corrugated cardboard container.  

  •  Deposit containers – Bottles and cans. 

  • Light bulbs – Special bins marked with a light bulb.
  • Glass and porcelain – Goes into specially marked tubs or bins. Whole and unbroken bottles go into the deposit container.  

  •  Oil and cooking fat – Special vats or demarcated areas where oil cans can be placed. These locations are marked in the waste storage facilities. Holes on oil barrels must be glued over.  

  • Organic waste – Food waste and paper towels.   

  • Plastic – Special plastic racks for all soft plastic. Deposit containers, plastic crates, etc. do not fall under this category.  

  • Small electrical devices – Bins for electronics in waste storage facilities.

  • Metal – Bins for coffee containers, etc.

  • Batteries – Special bins for unsorted batteries.


 Conduct in waste storage facilities

  • Operators must familiarise their staff with the terminal’s sorting system, rules of conduct in waste storage areas and guidelines for using compactors. 
  • Operators may not store packaging material, trolleys or equipment from their suppliers in waste storage facilities. 

  • Operators are responsible for disposing of furniture, electronics, equipment and any other items not covered by the KEF waste sorting system. 

  • Operators who are unsure of where to deposit waste should consult Isavia’s operational control centre.


Waste storage facility locations

There are waste storage facilities in the following locations: 

  • East of the north building, on the 1st floor by the arrivals hall. There, general waste and corrugated cardboard can be deposited in a double compactor, and organic waste, light bulbs, cooking fat and plastic packaging in specially labelled bins or tubs. 
  • By the delivery entrance in the west building. Facilities for disposing of general waste in a specially labelled compactor, corrugated cardboard in a specially labelled compactor, organic waste, plastic waste in specially labelled bins, fractured glass and porcelain, deposit containers, small electrical devices, coffee containers and light bulbs.  
  • In the basement of the south building. Facilities for disposing of organic waste, deposit containers, glass and porcelain waste, light bulbs and small electrical devices. 
  • On the 1st floor in the south building. There is a specially labelled compactor for general waste, a specially labelled compactor for corrugated cardboard, a bin for deposit containers, specially labelled bins for organic waste, specially labelled bins for plastic and a special bin for coffee capsules.   


4.      Delivery entrance

All supplies/goods must pass through the delivery entrance. Delivery vans arrive with goods to the delivery entrance, where operators collect them. 

The delivery entrance is open from 08:00 to 15:00 on weekdays and from 07:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays. The delivery entrance is located in the west building.   

Delivery van drivers must be able to identify the owner of the goods and have the mobile phone number of the owner’s contact person. A delivery reception employee will then call the owner to inform them of the arrival of the goods. Deliveries are expected to be collected as soon as possible.