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Isavia complies with public procurement laws and regulations and maintains equality, transparency and efficiency in procurement. On this page you can find information about tenders and related documents, new contracts and terms and conditions related to procurement and invoices.


Isavia's tender website can be accessed here. Interested companies are encouraged to register on the website.

It should be noted that a new registration on the tender website is a condition for access and participation in Isavia's tender process.

The English version of the website can be found by clicking on the British flag at the bottom of the website

Isavia's tender website

Tender opening minutes

All Isavia's open tenders are advertised on the public tender website


U19044 Tryggingar fyrir Isavia ohf. og dótturfélög
- Contract Award: Vörður tryggingar hf.

U19004 Sópastrá fyrir flugvallasópa
- Contract Award: Svenska Industriborstar i Vasteras AB

U19002 Hreinlætisvörur, flokkur A
- Contract Award: Rekstrarvörur ehf.

U19002 Hreinlætisvörur, flokkur B
- Contract Award: Papco fyrirtækjaþjónusta ehf.

U19002 Hreinlætisvörur, flokkur C
- Contract Award: Olíuverslun Íslands ehf.

U19019 Passenger Boarding Bridges
 Contract Award: Shenzhen CIMIC-Tianda Airport Support Ltd.