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1. ed 2022 - February

1. ed 2022 - February


SLN18 East wing

The eastwards expansion of the north building is well under way, with the launch of a long phase of concrete and steel structural work on the 22,000 m2 building. Work on the foundations and basement walls is in full swing. There are already 40–60 people already working in the area, and the number is growing rapidly. Work on the basements is expected to be completed by late summer.

Picture 1: SLN18

Area 6

Area 6 is composed of a temporary building and a connection route to Area 6. The temporary building will house a new arrivals border crossing – new rules will apply to passengers crossing the external borders of the Schengen area from the end of May 2022. The contractor has now completed the design work and begun building. Cladding is well under way, with the south and west sides finished and the roof and east side half-finished. The building will be fully windproof in around three weeks’ time. It will then be heated to dry the panels before the floor can be laid. The building is due to be connected to the mains and work due to begin on the interior fittings in February, with the final completion date for Area 6 expected for May 2022. 

Picture 2: Construction of temporary building in Area 6

SSA21 – Area 10

Eastward expansion of south terminal building. An agreement has been reached with the contractor Rizzani de Eccher, who will take care of ordering the steel structure and windows, as well as assisting with reviewing and finalising the design of the building. Design is expected to be completed by early March, and expansion work on the terminal is expected to being in April.

Picture 3: Area 10 – external appearance

Maintenance of and in terminal

Maintenance of the terminal interior is under way, with the parquet on the second floor of the south building being regularly maintained. There will also be regular maintenance of doors and other parts of the terminal. Work on emergency lighting is still under way. The project is expected to take several months, as it involves significant intervention in the operations of the terminal. It is, however, hoped that disruption to day-to-day operations will be kept to a minimum. Work is expected to be completed in May 2022.

Picture 4: Location of areas to be sanded and oiled

Runway systems


Groundwork for Mike is progressing well, and the contractor has started work south of RWY/10/28. Work is progressing according to schedule – a positive achievement given the various challenges, such as weather conditions and COVID-19 restrictions.


Design work on the Mike and Mike-1 (Rapid exit) taxiways is nearing completion, and the designers are now finalising the design documentation, i.e. the drawings and project descriptions required for the upcoming tender package, which will be launched in the coming weeks. The tender package in question deals with asphalting and is very extensive, as three layers of asphalt must be laid on the taxiway and the total thickness of the asphalt on the taxiway is 15 cm. To put this into context, the amount of asphalt on the Mike and Mike-1 taxiways is 170,000 m2 – the same as asphalting the Laugarsdalsvöllur stadium 24 times over.

Picture 5: Overview of Mike

Picture 6: Aerial image of the area taken in December 2021

Taxiway parallel to November and deicing area

Earth exploration work between November and Kilo is nearing completion. Work has been delayed for reasons outside of our control, but it’s likely to be completed in the course of February. Earth exploration work involves surveying sites and zoning existing pipelines and cobra drills. Test wells were also drilled in the area using an excavator to assess soil conditions. Earth exploration work constitutes a preliminary stage for the new taxiway parallel to November and the deicing area.

Mynd 7: Overview of deicing area